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October 20, 2019

The Allgaeu: Neuschwanstein,
Lakes, nature and action. (screams) Almost 4 million tourists
visited the region in 2018, Tendency rising. The Allgaeu is with it one of the most popular
Destinations in Germany. But climb with
the tourist numbers also the prices? We have now for 2 waters
and an ice cream good 15 euros spent. In the last five, six years. it’s about 30% more.
– Yeah? Yeah.
– Yes, it is. Daniel Assmann wants to find out:
What does the Allgaeu offer holidaymakers? And how does the region go with the constantly growing
visitor numbers? There’s more traffic,
there’s more noise. You can imagine, when you’ve got 1,100 people in a summer.
carts up there in the hour, that affect nature,
the flora, the fauna. Tourism machine or natural idyll? Where is the journey going for the Allgaeu? How much does a holiday in the region cost? And where can you save money? The application costs 33 Euro. You pay for that with your pocket money,
or does Mommy and Daddy pay? Mom and Dad.
– Very good. Subtitles: WDR mediagroup Ltd.
on behalf of the WDR The Allgaeu is becoming more and more popular. National and international, where most of the guests here are always
from their own country. In 2018, 89% of the tourists were here.
Germans, on the rise. I want to know Why is that? Why do we love the Allgaeu? What does it have to offer? What do hoteliers do?
and tourism marketing, to welcome us tourists
to move to the Allgaeu? And what are we going to let ourselves
cost you your vacation here? Here we go. Good day to you at “Allgaeu of all places. Traditional culture,
the popular lakes and mountains make up this region. While the Allgaeu itself
is largely part of Germany, the Allgaeuer Alps lie partly
on Austrian territory. The largest city in the Allgaeu is Kempten. Holidaymakers like it most of all
to the south of the region. Tourist strongholds
are Oberstdorf and of course the world famous
Neuschwanstein Castle. Around 2.6 million overnight stays
per year only Oberstdorf counts. Here you can
on the Freibergsee, walk through the Breitach gorge or with the gondola 2,224 m high
to the foghorn. In feet they are
1.4 million overnight stays. All in all, the Allgaeu is a
13 million overnight stays. In the last 15 years.
the number rose by over 40%. Most guests
come from Germany. Where did you come from?
– From Beckum. Beckum, yes top. You know Hattingen?
– By name. You’ll have to come by,
but Allgaeu is also beautiful. Why are you in the Allgaeu? What fascinates you about the Allgaeu?
– That’s what we were recommended to do. By whom?
– Friends of ours. Which is very interesting,
it’s not “so brutal mountain.” They had the lakes here,
which are relatively flat. Pretty good to act. But you can also go hiking. Tourism magnet no. 1
is Neuschwanstein Castle. With 1.5 million visitors
the most popular sight in the Allgaeu. In summer there is a lot to do here in the
Average 7,000 visitors a day. But what do vacationers spend here? 1. cost: The entrance fee is included in the price.
13 Euro per person including guided tour not expensive. In contrast
to the parking fee of 7 Euro per day. The almost 2 km high to the castle it goes on foot or with
the shuttle bus for 2,50 Euro. What else do you spend? Neuschwanstein,
Going out for dinner, going out for a drink. What have you got there?
for you? Generally around here
it’s gonna get more expensive, because it’s natural
A tourist attraction. We have now for 2 waters
and an ice cream good 15 euros spent. I can well imagine when
you’re here with several children, something’s gonna come up. Tickets already bought?
– Nah, not yet. It’s amazing how many people
I’d like to get behind us, too. Even though it’s so crowded,
there’s still a lot coming. Why do they do that? I think with Neuschwanstein,
you don’t have to go in but from up there.
a particularly beautiful view. This view over the lakes
let’s have a look. No matter how full it is? We’ll pass the snakes.
– Ah, okay. It’s so crowded here. Nevertheless
more and more people back here. Must have seen it, belongs to Neuschwanstein
on an Allgaeu vacation? Once in a lifetime. That’s enough then, isn’t it? The Allgaeu region is mainly attractive to Germans. Only every 8th visitor
comes from abroad. Most from Switzerland,
the Netherlands and China. Daniel also wants to
to look at the fairy tale building. Together with tourist guide
Erih G��ler. Hello.
– Hello. Glad you could make it.
– Thank you. I’ll take care of it. I’m very excited.
Here we go. All right, in front of me.
– Good, good, good. How much does the trip cost?
– 7 Euro per person. There and back?
– No, just one ride. How many people
come here in the year?
– 1.5 million It goes every 5 minutes
a guided tour of the castle. It is the question of how many people
Can the lock take? How many can it take?
Can it take 1.5 million? No. I mean no.
– What’s going on? The evaporation of the people when
they sweat, or when it rains, then the humidity in the lock. Then you have to introduce yourself,
per day 6.000 up to 8,000 people at peak times,
that go through during the day. That it damages the substance,
is clear. That’s what the castle was for.
I didn’t build it at all. And the nations have taken
changed since the 1990s? The Germans outnumber us, you don’t believe it,
when you see this. If it weren’t for the castle here.
we’d be giving the same tourist figures
in the Allgaeu? We wouldn’t have,
I certainly don’t. That would be just as
a beautiful area. We have mountains, lakes,
Hills, flat land. It’s so versatile here. The ones that are just day tourists,
I’m afraid we don’t see it that way. King Ludwig II. has been involved in the construction
of the castle. Today is Neuschwanstein
a great source of income. Daniel wants to find out
why the castle such an attraction
on his visitors. It’s chic, you have to say yes.
– This is the main building. Why do people come to the castle?
What is the motivation? That’s the title of the fairytale castle,
that’s kind of pulling, too. Did you perhaps
another secret tip for us? Can the lock
a little off the beaten track? We have here
so many beautiful hiking trails, which also offers unusual glimpses of
the castle and the lakes. You can sit there alone,
if you like. It’s not far from here. But also at the viewpoints
Daniel is not alone. Obviously, Neuschwanstein
despite all the hustle and bustle an obligatory date on the Allgaeu vacation. Must be the castle,
when you’re in the Allgaeu? You take it with you, with all the stuff around it.
is also quite interesting. We are the day before yesterday
returned from a hike and at the Marienbruecke
I got out. It was fascinating,
I can’t believe what’s going on. What was that about? We have
only the bus transfer, like people in, out. Does this have anything to do with vacation?
Or isn’t that stress? No, that’s dispatch. For us it was interesting
to see, but we had to
I don’t want to be involved in anything. Starting with these crowds.
to crouching people, that are being filmed,
that’s interesting. The Bavarian Palace Department has 2018
65 million was generated in the period under review. Almost 30 million
of entrance fees alone. Neuschwanstein has
the biggest part of it. In about 150 years.
it has evolved from the debt lock to an important source of income
…and he’s turned into a woman. The number of overnight stays
in the Allgaeu. One reason for this is
the typical Allgaeu farms, which offer sleeping places. 500 of them have even
have joined together to form an association, for holidays on the farm
to market them professionally. Daniel wants to find out what kind of accommodation
is popular in the Allgaeu? In which accommodation
are you accommodated? We are in a holiday apartment
near feet. What do you pay per night?
– 90 euros. Do you think that’s expensive? when you’re doing it with other people.
holiday regions? Or is that legitimate for that,
what’s on offer?
– Yes, it is. At the North Sea you pay
a similar price. We were at Koenigssee two years ago,
it was a little more expensive, there was the vacation home.
but a little higher quality. What are you guys letting yourselves
the holidays in the Allgaeu? I think the campsite
costs 60 Euro per night. And we’ve been here 10 days. What are you guys letting yourselves
the short trip? We still have it relatively cheap
I’ll get it for you. We’re only here for two nights. We got it for about 60 euros.
a night a week. But we’re not in a hotel, but in the vicinity
in a farmhouse we were. Did you have your vacation?
booked spontaneously? Did you just
get a seat? Yeah, the vacation was spontaneous. Which I have to say, it’s
not easy in the season to find accommodation here. I had to get
a good 10, 15 farms. It’s all booked up.
until late August. Book the families
everything’s going down early. It’s not easy,
to get something here. Around 2 billion euros give overnight guests
per year in the Allgaeu. The largest share of this is accounted for by
commercial enterprises such as hotels. Camping plays with 78 million euros
sales play a smaller role. 370 million euros are attributable to the
from private landlords. Taken together, in the Allgaeu region
110,000 beds available. 113,30 Euro
give holidaymakers on average for an overnight stay,
per person. Daniel is
I’ve come across some offers, he hadn’t known before.
took a closer look at them on the spot. The first is a hotel,
that’s all organic. How much is that?
Who does the offer appeal to? Daniel wants to find out. Hello.
Good day. It’s my first organic hotel,
I’m checking in to. Well, it’s about time.
– I’m curious. Normally, when I’m working on
or cheese counters, and I say “bio,” it’s gonna be expensive. Now I’m curious,
what this place looks like. I have a double room
for individual use. That’s right, that’s right. You have a
Holz100 room, it costs 174 euros. But there’s already a lot
Holiday package on top. I.e. free mountain railways, the organic pampering board
with afternoon snack, dinner and of course everything in organic quality. Do you have to be a shack more expensive,
because everything’s organic? Right, because we have a substantially
use more goods through the organic products. With us
really all organic, 100%. Alexander Geissler manages the hotel with wife Melita
as a family business. Fresh herbs
from our own garden are part of the bioconcept. Who’s checking in? Can I help you out a little?
What else needs to be cut away? I’m always happy to help. For example, we’ll take a few
of Moroccan mint. What kind of people are they?
who come to you? What are your guests?
So eco, hippies? In principle, they are nature-conscious
and life-conscious people, who value it,
to eat a healthy diet. I.e. what are you cutting for?
all the herbs? Mint for a mojito in the evening?
– Yeah, that’s it. Come on, I’ll cut another one, two. Because if the team stays longer,
we need a few more. Organic herbs for the cocktail bar
or for the hotel kitchen. Give the guests for organic
would you like a little more? When I’m at food or
with manufacturers who offer organic products, they tell me,
when the camera’s off, with organic you have a better margin. Now that the camera’s on,
I ask you, you have with bio
a little better margin? That’s a good question.
– Shall we turn it off? Nah, I can’t say that I am. But you have a
much greater commitment. From the point of view of margins.
probably then right away to the others.
– All right, all right. Let’s leave it like this. Let’s go inside then. That smells really nice in here,
like a Finnish sauna. Right, that’s solid wood construction,
totally natural. What’s organic here now? The wood is
from certified forests, or how did I get
to introduce this? That’s moon-beaten spruce.
from the Black Forest, also Made in Germany so to speak. Moonbeaten?
I thought bite-slapped. Nope, moonbeaten.
at a certain point in time, when the moon is at its best. Because then the wood
is best for processing. So what does it do to me then?
from a Feng Shui point of view? The Swiss stone pine, for example.
A special charisma, where there’s evidence of heartbeats
saves. Heart’s going down,
you can relax optimally. Special Feng Shui mattress,
Sleep system. The whole thing electrosmog-optimized and
then shielded from ground radiation, so, water veins and earth faults,
geopathic interference fields. Where people in the Allgaeu always said, you shouldn’t
sleeping on water veins. But I have full reception.
– It’s coming through the windows. How does it all work out? How Daniel Sleeps
on his very first bionight. with moon-beaten wood? The next morning. One night in an organic hotel. You always feel good. But I’m still the same. An organic diet
I think, but with moon-beaten carpentry.
it stops with me. That’s what
I’d like to know for myself. Exciting to see, that even these extreme
specialization finds their guests. Daniel’s on the other side.
of the valley I’ve been alerted to a hotel,
that he’s headed for the next morning. Now I’m in Oberjoch,
the highest mountain village of the Allgaeu. We’re looking at a children’s hotel. Because the Allgaeu is well known
for the family holiday. What the families here
next to alpaca, Shetland pony and donkey I find out now. The Kinderhotel is huge. Playing surfaces so big
like 3 soccer fields are available for the little ones. Is family vacation as
package deal a lucrative business? This is what Daniel
of hotel manager Volker Kuechler. Shall we go for a little talk?
I can see that, status-wise, as it were
for a children’s hotel… That’s awesome. Light or dark?
– I’m light. All right, all right. I.e. Kinderhotel,
I have to book with a child, or I’ll get
no room with you? Yes, that’s a clear criterion. There could be wrong bookings.
come about, if you don’t have a child with you
and could disturb a child. What price do I have to pay
personally? I have two children, five and three,
Woman with it, she may also with. Ah, nice. And we’d go on vacation here
in high season, a week. So between 3.500 and 4.500 Euro
the week all-inclusive. Everything you need.
– Yes, it is. Except for alcohol, that’s not proper.
in a children’s hotel. All right, look, then let’s get this over with.
a short step. Then we’re going to do
the right ride. Because what’s for just under 4,500 maximum
everything’s in it, you can show me now.
– I’d be happy to. Quite a lot of money
for a week’s family vacation. Is it really worth it? Or do they just afford it?
Well-to-do people who have childcare and all-inclusive services
are important? Daniel finds out dining
and drinks are free, beauty treatments
but not. Now we’re in the cosmetics business.
Let’s have a quick look. Hello. This looks great.
Hi, I’m Daniel. I’ll go like this.
You’re all in it right now. First time chocolate on your face
instead of eating?
– Yes, it is. Does that feel good?
– Yes, it is. How old are you?
– 7. You get this a lot around here,
that children at that age be already sitting here
and applications? We have this every day,
we’re a children’s hotel. The Little Princesses
of course they want to. Actually, yeah, fine. How much does the application cost now?
– The application costs 33 Euro. You pay that out of pocket money.
or does Mommy and Daddy pay? Mom and Dad.
– Everything done right. Antonia, Clemens and Magnus
live not far away, but they’re with their parents.
here on a regular basis. What’s so great about this place? I like it a lot
the gym and the swimming pool. Do you often vacation here?
– Yeah, like once a year. Wouldn’t you rather go camping? Or should it be like this?
like now here, that you have so many choices. I like it better here,
cause there’s a swimming pool. You can do a lot of things here.
– Yeah, you got more options. You guys go all the way out,
all the way away from the hotel? Sometimes we go hiking. Cycling too?
– Yes, if we have the wheels with us. So, Daniel, now we are
in the spacious sauna area. Are kids allowed in here too?
– It is in that area. We have a textile area
and a nude area. In the nude area are
only the adults are allowed. It’s there, the adult area. Once it’s standing and once it’s here,
that’s a good idea. Yeah, it’s so simple and easy,
but effective. But a tack higher, then I couldn’t either
into the adult area. Then that would be my problem.
– Then we’d have to change it. You’ve got the textile saunas up ahead. It is,
that kids would take that with them?
-Yeah. It’s just like cosmetics,
or massages, why would a 12-, 13-year-old woman
You can’t even get your nails done? It’s quality of life,
is an early part of it.
– Gross. For this luxury grasp
the parents deep into their pockets, also for offers
like childcare. Theoretically, you can have your kid
13 hours a day. That’s nice in the Kinderhotel.
you can give the children away and dedicate himself to a cocktail.
– Yeah, that’s a great story. How about the kids?
Do you give these a lot? I’ve heard,
You can drop them off at 1:00. Nah, it’s family vacation. There we go
enjoy the time together. For us it’s a bit of a weighing-up. Mostly with the kids.
and make time for us once in a while. Mainly, 3/4 of the time.
we’re going as a family. I can hear it out a little,
you’re from Switzerland?
– That’s it. What fascinates you about the Allgaeu? It’s just similar
as we do in Switzerland. The beautiful mountains,
but also the delicious food. We like that a lot. Is the vacation rather
an expensive vacation for you? Or is the vacation like this,
that you say, Yes, we can.
can afford us quite well? Because I feel it that way,
it’s already a lot of money, that you have to spend here. You pay for it. But I think
the whole package, that’s right. With the food, with the care,
with the offer, it’s worth the money. 3.500 Euro as lump sum
for one week Kinderhotel. It’s a draw on a
a well-earning clientele. I asked you a cheeky question,
is the vacation for the elite? No, no. Elite is something else.
– Yeah? Yeah. This is a vacation for hard-working people,
who work a lot and indulge yourself. But then, finally.
we’re gonna have to figure this out sometime. Up and back. We’ll never make it,
because it gives way up there. That’s not a swing.
– We’ll make it work. And back, look.
Up and back. Another trend falls Daniel
in the Allgaeu: Hotels that focus on wellness.
special offers. No wonder, because behind it
there’s a huge market. The wellness industry is making
105 billion Euro turnover in Germany. In the Allgaeu they try to with extremely unusual
Wellnessoffers to score points. This is the first time I’ve been allowed
a bread sauna. I’ll see what I can do,
what this is all about. You must be strong now. Oh. Oh. Oh. See what I mean? Fortunately, I have
I left something underneath. Ah yes, here’s the bread oven. Let’s take a look inside. That looks pretty good already,
almost done, I’d say. Welcome to the
to our sauna ceremony. It’s the first sauna ceremony I’ve ever had in my life.
where a loaf of bread is baked. Smells like a bakery. That’s right, that’s leaven, set. He’s coming now
in the 200� hot oven. It takes 1.5 hours to finish.
and looks like this. The heat that is radiated,
is about 50 degrees. The enzymes,
that this sourdough releases, that stimulate your metabolism
and are very good for blood pressure. But 1.5 hours I am
in here right now? Then I look very different. Not as chic as the bread.
– That’s it, all right. That’s what it is,
what the guests demand, such extraordinary things? The Allgaeu tourist would like to
the extraordinary? You know it
I’d definitely appreciate it. And of course
every guest about something special. Our guests come of course because of
the special wellness area. Is that included in the price?
when I spend the night here? Or do you take something extra for it? The Alpine Wellness World,
the use is included. When applications are added,
that would have to be paid extra. Tonight, we are
in high season at 150 Euro per person
in a double room as a starting price. There’s the breakfast buffet. Then in the afternoon.
a delicious farmer’s snack. In the evening we have
the big gourmet buffet. That would be part of it. I’ll just take this.
and have a taste. Enjoy it. Mm, it’s delicious. Daniel discovered in Allgaeu other unusual
and bizarre offers. In Oberstaufen visitors can a hay bath
in the freshly mown hay. Cost: 49 Euro. Also fasting cures as a multi-day holiday
are offered by hotels. The whole thing isn’t exactly cheap. 7 days cost
about 1.500 Euro per person. But even for that, there are
obviously a market. 60,000 jobs hanging
in the Allgaeu at tourism. With the holiday guests about
3 billion Euro turnover per year. In some places, tourism makes
even 80% of economic power. The tourism associations can be
I can always come up with something new, around the Allgaeu
even more attractive. I’m meeting with wife
Ten pfennig, I’d like to talk to her about it, which strategies to adopt
in the first place, where the journey for the Allgaeu
I’d like to go to the tourist board. In the Allgaeu
around 400 tourism businesses to a large association
have joined forces. The Allgaeu GmbH shall the development of tourism
to push this forward. What does this mean for the holidaymakers? (woman) Good day, hello. It’s not all Miami Vice.
maybe you’ll go anyway? Hello, Mrs. Ten Pfennig,
I salute you. And inside I am. That’s fine. How does it look in general
the strategy? The strategy is to not yet
bring in more people to the Allgaeu, which then
partly overrun places. It’s that you consciously
with nature. Because that’s why,
why people come to the Allgaeu. What I hear out there when you’re
says, we want the quality and we don’t want to,
that more people are coming here, would mean to me,
the prices must become more expensive. The people who are coming,
should they pay more? Or shall it be richer people,
Be guests?
– No. We have all
possible holiday offers. The Allgaeu hosts
or even the car companies, they confess to it, that they really
economic-ecological work. It’s probably gonna get a little more expensive.
already in the hotel business or in the bakery trade. That also applies to craftsmanship. But are all in the Allgaeu
happy with this development? Have you as someone who
works for the Tourist Board, you have only friends here
or are there people who say, no, I would like to
you don’t want to see? There always are,
who criticize and say, when a new hotel building
is to be started or mountain railway extension, then
that, no, we don’t want that. That’s what people say,
who don’t make a living from tourism? Who says so? The farther away you are,
they say that. If something’s to come up,
then hotels usually say, We don’t want that. Paradoxically, that’s actually
so, the people who like to go on vacation have come,
They moved here sometime. and they want to keep it to themselves. You can already see the development?
– Maybe they’re ideas. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know,
if it’s a development. But it’s more likely to be kept. It’s not all sunshine
in the Allgaeu tourist sky. At Berg Gruenten near Sonthofen
there’s criticism. So far, I’ve been mostly the sunny side of tourism
in the Allgaeu. I’d like to get something suitable for the weather.
about the dark side. Where does tourism come from?
here to its limits? How does he deal with nature
reconcile? What do the locals say? I’m hoping for answers.
by Hans Reininger. He’s from BUND, and I see,
he’s waiting for me. Hans Reininger criticizes the plans
at Berg Gruenten. There an investor wants to buy the lifts
into a world of experience. In the future.
up to 1,100 people per hour to the mountain. I.e. bigger streets again. There’s more traffic,
there’s more noise. And for nature anyway. You can imagine,
when you’ve got 1,100 people in a summer. carts up there in the hour,
they don’t all stay up there. They’re going up to the top. They run all over the place. They affect nature,
the flora, the fauna. I’ve also talked to a representative
from the Tourist Board. How do you work together? Or are you working together?
Are you more against each other? It’s true, of course, we want
I wouldn’t polarize there. We don’t want
no tourism at all here and only the whole world and insects. Of course, we want a
environmentally friendly tourism. I.e. especially at the green now,
that in winter the installations be modernized
and continue to be operated. But that it won’t be expanded,
that there’s more and more to it. The Allgaeu is not to be transformed into a
Disneyland, it’s attracting more and more visitors. Holidays in Germany
is in vogue. This can also be seen in the Allgaeu. 18% of holidaymakers
come here from NRW. On his trip to the Allgaeu he meets
Daniel is everywhere on tourists. How is that
with the locals? Daniel is going to listen to the
Weekly market in Bad Hindelang. How do you feel about tourism?
here in the Allgaeu? It’s hard to say. Surely I need him. Because we live a lot on it, in different regions
almost exclusively. On the other hand.
slowly also partly overhand. It’s so specific,
where he’s getting out of hand, like all the mountain bikers. You can go anywhere now, where you haven’t been before.
with his own strength. Now you take the e-bike, now you take the e-bike.
you can drive anywhere. Partly very… without consideration. Which, of course.
will always be a problem. Could you have been here without the tourists?
Running your business so well, how you do it now? Or do you need
the tourists for it? I’m lucky,
I don’t need it, Because I have a name. I wouldn’t let her go.
I’m gonna need it badly. I’d be happy to take her with me,
apart from that. Everyone is dear to me. Do you realize that tourism
what changes here in the habitat? Or is everything okay here? Okay, it sure is. I think it changes something,
but positive. I take a positive view of it. What’s the positive thing about the
Tourism entails? The location is being recorded. There is infrastructure
for us locals, too. There’s an outdoor pool,
there’s cafes. there’s a market. That’s what it is,
what a place is worth to me. That’s what tourists do,
that this would work. Whether the positive effects
of tourism in the future will outweigh each other, and whether the
Allgaeu its untouched landscape and preserve nature,
That will come to light. Many go hiking in the Allgaeu. Daniel discovers well developed,
easy hiking routes, but also demanding like
the hike to the Mindelheimer Huette in the Allgaeu Alps. With E-Bikes bike tours are made
into the mountains more and more popular. E.g. in the Rappenalp valley near Oberstdorf. Daniel wants to find out
what leisure time costs in the Allgaeu. The Fellhornbahn is
very popular with hiking tourists. Daniel rides with us for 29 Euro,
Ascent and descent. You don’t need a clear view
hopefully on the ride? It’s hard to turn.
– I’m fine. I’m fine. I don’t have oncoming traffic either. Where did you come from?
– Gladbeck.
– Ruhr area, right? Why Allgaeu?
– Because it’s beautiful. In bad weather,
what do you do then? Let’s go up.
and see what we don’t see. and go back down again. We’ve got the mountain rail tickets.
Included in the price. What were they in, what price?
in the overnight price?
– Yes, it is. In the apartment.
– Great. Then it’s exploited.
– Sure, you take it with you. Here we go, or what?
– Yes, it is. What are you up to?
– Four days we’re on the road. Really hut walking? You’ll spend the night.
in the cabins, too?
– That’s it. How do you get it? That’s not the first thing,
what young people think about, right? It is for us, actually.
– What does hiking give you? This is being outside and…
– The view. (woman) Somehow.
always looking for adventure and exciting stories
you want to experience. Exciting stories and adventures,
is it possible here in the Allgaeu? Yes, I do. I wish you
a good hike.
– Thank you. I’ll take care of it. Overnight stays in mountain huts
cost about 20 Euro. A little hint, if you ever need
just want to hike for themselves, who want to enjoy pure tranquility,
you’ll wander on a day like this. There’s nobody here,
you’re all alone. Just get in your rain gear.
and there we go. Since the view from up here on the
Fellhorn is rather cloudy today, Daniel wanders
back down to Oberstdorf to a very special attraction,
that he wants to test out. Because action is
on the program. The summer toboggan run in Oberstdorf
offers something new. Tobogganing with virtual reality glasses. * Music * Hello.
(man) Hello. One time for action.
– Yes, it is. I’d like a ticket,
take a ride. I’ve seen you bid.
also wear the VR glasses.
– That’s right, I did. It’ll be added to that.
Let’s go, let’s go. It costs extra,
but it’s a great experience. How much is that? The fare is 5.50.
5 Euro extra for VR glasses. Then we’re at 10.50.
– That’s it. What can you see through the glasses? Because you actually want
see the landscape. Our landscape
I’m afraid you don’t see it. You see
a virtual computer landscape. There you go, driving through hills,
Waterfalls, canyons. A little more action then. I thought you’d drive
perhaps through Hattingen. Then you’ll get
I put on my glasses.
– Yes, it is. Do I have to start anything
in the train?
– No, I’m not. Well, my recording manager
He’s in the back, he has to steer. Yes, sir.
Good, then start me off?
– Yes, it is. Oldobelli. Oldobelli, ey. I want to go to Hattingen.
Which way is Hattingen? A bad number. Dude. Wow. Wow. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Wow. Wow. Whoa! Oldobelli. And was it what?
– It was awesome, yeah. I have to tell you the truth.
would have… I was biased. I was thinking,
I want to see the panorama. But I have to be honest,
this one’s got something, too. You’re all confused,
completely insane. Great. When you say I’ve had enough
from hiking, I need action, you can get here,
That was really gross. Allgaeu 2.0.
– Okay. (laughs) The most famous culinary
Highlight of the Allgaeu is the mountain cheese, namely
even protected by the EU. Daniel wants to find out
what it costs. When the weather is nice
there’s a lot more going on here. I.e. it’s for most people to get out of
the gondola and the Alpe. A tasty snack to enjoy or
as here, at the Alpe Schlappold a guided tour
at the alpine dairy. The Alpe Schlappold is Germany’s
largest and highest Sennalpe. 9 tons of cheese are made here
produced annually. In the most traditional way.
Daniel learns from David Kleine. The 24-year-old is the alpine dairyman here
upstairs, take care of the cows and cheese making. The traditional alpine dairy
David has on the Alpe Schlappold learned from his predecessor. We’re doing all this here.
nor with wood fire. Our cows are
Outside day and night. They just come in to milk. And I think this is
the original taste. It must always be
all get wet. Then you have to go around. Are they mostly tourists?
who buy the cheese? Yes, it will be vacuumed.
and sold over there. You take a bit of that.
Allgaeu with home and prolongs his vacation. The guided tour of the alpine dairy is free of charge. But for 14 euros a kilo.
many visitors strike and take a piece of Allgaeuer
Mountain cheese as a holiday souvenir. Grazing all summer long
about 80 cows on the Alpe. During this time you’ll be giving
a good 90,000 litres of milk. And the cheese that’s made from milk
is made, is part of the Allgaeuer
Traditional court par excellence: Kaesspatzn. She wants Daniel at the inn.
to the funny stag. He’s learned that the
weekly Kaesspatz evening there for holidaymakers to the cult event
has become. For 10,50 Euro you can get the
traditional dish as flatrate. Why are you coming back here?
For Kaesspatzle night? Yes, not only… We just love it,
the noodles, the cheese. It’s just that,
what it is. It’s part of our vacation. We usually say that when we’re
are here, the vacation can begin. Well, enjoy your meal. Hello, Michael.
– Hello, Daniel. Hello.
– Hi. I’m glad
to be with us today. Is there anything I can do to help?
– Of course I do. Daniel’s got to get his portion
I’m just starting to earn it today. Like a machine.
– Yes, it is. You know, eventually the muscle closes,
then I can’t go on. The special Kaesspatzen evening. We’ll make it
on Thursday nights. We have Kaesspatzenabend. There’s a part of us
outside in the kitchen. Do before the eyes of the guests
here the Kaesspatzen. It’s a mixture.
from traditional and modern. That’s the secret,
that you have to go here, to inspire people
and take you to the Allgaeu? Maybe part of it anyway. Is it generally the case that the
Allgaeu has changed on a large scale, has become more modern? The Allgaeu has
I’ve attracted a lot of young people. It’s become more modern,
it’s gotten a lot more interesting. Not any more,
that’s where grandpa and grandma are going. Oh, they’re on holiday in the Allgaeu. Here come the grandchildren. They go climbing here,
Mountain biking, road cycling. We have many lakes. From that
it works really well. In spite of modern change
the Allgaeu still faithful? Yes, there is always
a step forward somewhere. Like everywhere else. But in the basics.
stay true to yourself. What are the basics? Food?
– Food too. The clubs, which is big,
bands, firemen. The Rural Youth is still working. That’s all there is to it,
which makes a vacationer also fun. Something that’s fun
and tastes good too. So, now we’re going to have
try it yourself. Yum.
– I like it. What I noticed, though.
a short time for us to talk. have, 25, 30 plates
have already gone out.
– Yes, it is. That’s what Klingkling does.
in the cash register.
– Must. Must be, right? Hello. Here can once again?
Second help? Where should I put it?
Just up here? May I at the same time,
to sit with you for a minute? Do you often vacation here?
– Yes, it is. Motorcycle and family holidays. Motorcycle, with the boys then,
or what?
– Mmm. How did the Allgaeu
changed in recent years, if you’re here regularly? Is the Allgaeu different now?
– It’s gotten fuller. In the past, 2, 3 months ago.
say, we want to go to the Allgaeu. Today: One year before
is already close. Must be booked one year in advance,
or you can’t get anything?
– Yes, it is. Are you paying more than before?
– Yes, it is. When I think about it,
in the last five, six years, it’s about 30% more.
– That’s enormous. That’s enormous.
are willing to pay for it. With how much Euro per day, per
Overnight stay must one calculate? That’s different,
depends on the region. Years ago, someone from
near Oberstdorf, the further away from Oberstdorf,
the cheaper it gets. We’ve lived in fish before. Fishing is
near Oberstdorf. As a rule, if we’re going to
Book your holiday home, we’ll do it in Sonthofen. It’s like this
about 100, 115 a night. Now we have a holiday apartment
in Buehl am Alpsee directly and we’ll pay 75. That’s okay.
– Yes, it is. Who apart
of the tourist strongholds, can certainly save in the Allgaeu. Experience nature and hiking
is free of charge. Excursions like to Neuschwanstein
are going into the money. But you can always experience a lot
at the bathing lakes, in the mountains or with
the special wellness offers. Tourism marketing
and innovative hoteliers you’ll come up with some ideas, to welcome us tourists
to the Allgaeu. But they’re not in it.
I think it’s headless. They keep an eye on tradition. Probably
it is the combination modern and traditional,
that we like. Copyright WDR 2019


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