August openings and closings in Charlotte
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August openings and closings in Charlotte

September 17, 2019

[LAUGH] We can do a whole new video and thing-
>>Patio news Melissa.>>I know, what have you been up to? [LAUGH] My god. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>There’s a lot happening in Charlotte,
especially over the last couple of months. So here’s our quick version of
what you need to pay attention to.>>Last weekend we stopped by
Tiff’s Treats in Waverly because they were holding their grand opening celebration. Tiff’s Treats is a warm cookie
delivery baking company and they were selling cookies for
a dollar a dozen, and we got to meet the celebrity brand ambassadors
Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick. Brooklyn Decker is actually from Matthews,
so she and Andy were stopping by her hometown to bring a piece
of Austin which is his hometown. That’s where Tiff’s Treats is based.>>So you brought a box of
cookies back to us in the office. Did you have a favorite? Yeah, so my favorite was chocolate chip. The snickerdoodle is also very good, but
I knew that I would eat the whole box by myself if I did not bring them in and
share them with you guys. So, you’re welcome.>>[LAUGH] Well,
if you’re in the Davidson area, a new urban winery just opened August 2nd,
the Davidson Wine Company. Well, it’s an urban winery, which I
hadn’t heard of before, but means that they don’t grow grapes at their Davidson
location, but they do make wine in house.>>Very cool.>>Yes, so definitely check
that out if you’re in the area.>>And you have to stop by Optimist Hall. There’s a coffee shop,
there’s a Gelato bar, and Spindle Bar just
opened on August 19th. That’s the bar that serves
the entire Optimist Hall.>>So those are the openings in Charlotte. There’s also been a lot of closings. One of the ones that a lot of
people have been talking about, is what’s going on with Saucemans, so
Saucemans’ current location is closing but they’re moving to Sugar Creek Brewery.>>That’s not all. The former pit master of Saucemans has
decided that he’s going to go his own way and he wants to start his own thing. It’s going to be called Ed’s BBQ. He hasn’t officially announced
the location yet but it’s going to be close by to Sugar Creek.>>So a lot of people have been
commenting on those stories for us.>>There’s a lot of questions about what’s
going to happen to the sauces recipes and how the barbecue is going to taste.>>That’s gonna definitely be
something to stay tuned for. Another thing that
closed was Basal Coffee. The Basal Coffee closed
down on August 9th, it was in the FreeMoreWest area
near Pinkie’s and Rhino market. It was one of the only black owned
coffee shops in Charlotte but the owner has said,
stay tuned to his plans.>>And in more coffee news, The Sleepy Poet just quietly opened
a new coffee bar inside of its store. So while you shop for
antiques you can grab a latte.>>Another thing that was huge news for
Charlotte was the Amelie’s move.>>Amelie’s is moving its
flagship location, so it’s been located in
Villa Heights since 2008. And it has decided to move one mile away. It’s going to be about a quarter mile
from the light rail station at 36 Street. And so you’ll be able to walk there and
get your macaroons at 3AM if you want. Well, also announced this month was
Middle C Jazz is opening uptown, it’s going to be a jazz and music venue. And with all the music venues
that have closed lately, especially Double Door,
the Middle C Jazz people said they’re really excited to bring
live music back to Charlotte.>>Where’s it going?>>It’s going to be on
Boulevard street uptown, and it’s going to have a full
service restaurant nearby. So you’ll be able to order
food while you’re there. [MUSIC]

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