August 2019 News From Jim Zim:  1/4 BILLION VIEWS!
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August 2019 News From Jim Zim: 1/4 BILLION VIEWS!

August 14, 2019

Well hello there, from my backyard. I thought I would take some time to give you
an update on some things going on
with my YouTube channel right now. And the big news is that I just passed 250
million views to my videos on YouTube. That’s a lot! As I like to say… a quarter billion served! (laughing) Not bad! And about a week ago I passed 300,000 subscribers to
my channel, so it’s a double bit of good news there. Things are going very very well. I’ve got 17 videos with over a million views. And the biggest one, you might have seen it… It’s the Green Thunder waterslide video
that I shot on a Carnival cruise ship. It kind of started the whole thing off for me on YouTube. 94 million views on that one. And I’ve got a model train video
that has 62 million views. So, between those two…
that’s a whole lot of views! And then 250 million total between all my videos, combined. I’m pretty happy about that, as you might imagine! No puppies with me in the backyard this weekend.
We’re in between litters right now. As you might know,
from time to time my wife and I foster litters of puppies
for woods Humane Society. And our most recent litter was
a pair of Scottish Terrier mixes. They were a lot of fun.
Full of energy! Its kind of quiet without them here, but… It’s just a matter of time
before we have another litter of puppies. I didn’t make any videos for YouTube
about the Scottish Terrier puppies… Because the previous videos that I
made about our foster puppies… Didn’t get a whole lot of views, so I interpret that as… My audience telling me that you’re not really interested in the videos about the foster puppies. So, we’ll do videos about things you are interested in. And I’ll tell you one new thing I’m gonna be trying a little more often… Based on the success of
the Rocky Mountaineer video that I did… I think I’m going to be doing more train trips
and making videos about that. You may have seen my most recent video
is about a short trip I did, a day trip,
on Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner… Down the coast of California. And I think you’re probably going to see
some more videos like that in the coming months. I’ll give you an update on the group cruise
that we’re gonna do to Alaska, about a year from now
on the Royal Princess. That is going very well.
We’ve got 44 people in the group already. And the cruise is just a little less than a year away. So, plenty of time for people to still sign up. I’m noticing that the cabins on the left side of the ship are booking up faster than the cabins
on the right side of the ship… Which makes sense because it’s a southbound cruise… So there will be certain points during that cruise
when the views will be better on the left side. So, if you’re thinking about coming with us
on the Alaska cruise… Book soon,
so you can get a cabin on the left side of the ship. I’ve got something new that
I added to my arsenal of… Audio/video equipment for making YouTube videos.
A new toy. It’s a gimbal so that I can use
my big DSLR camera to shoot videos… And still get smooth, stable videos
without a bunch of shakiness. I noticed on some of my recent videos
which I shot with my GoPro… That there were a few shots where
the picture quality wasn’t quite as good
as what I would have liked. So, I’m gonna do a little experiment
and shoot some of my next few videos… With my big DSLR on a gimbal… And see if that works out better
than using a GoPro on a smaller gimbal. And I’ll wrap up this video with news of
probably the most fun thing I’ve ever bought off of eBay.
(laughing) You’ve gotta check this out! (sound of a train horn) Yes, it’s a train horn.
(laughing) And when it arrived,
I didn’t tell Kellyn what was in the box. I kind of took it in the other room
and opened it up without her watching. Here’s her reaction
when I demonstrated what I had bought… (Sound of a train horn) (She laughs) (A longer blast from the train horn) (laughs) So, that’s what’s happening in my world. If you keep an eye on my YouTube channel
in the coming weeks… I hope, if everything goes according to plan… You’ll see a video about a steam train
that I’m going to be riding soon. And also about a month from now we’re going on another cruise… This time to Coco Cay… Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas
that they spent a ton of money refurbishing… And adding a bunch of water slides, too. So, there’ll probably be several videos about that
in September. Thanks for watching!


  • Reply Frank Commisso August 5, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    Love your channel and have been a longtime viewer! When someone asks me what my favorite channel is, I tell them yours. Honestly, I don't even like cruises!! BUT you make everything really cool and interesting. It's also really warming to see you so happy and just enjoy your life. Keep it up Jim, thank you!

  • Reply Travelling with Bruce August 5, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    Well done Jim thank you for taking us all along with you on your great trips. Plus inspiring many other youtubers to grow our channels too. Kind Regards Bruce

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    Please do more puppies! I love the puppies!

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    Wow, so glad I’m your subscriber! Thanks Jim!

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    That is a loving wife my friend. i'm 29 and know already if i buy something without my wife's approval she will kill me. So for you to have made it this far. that's where it's at.

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    Nice new rig, hope you'll do a review of it

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    congratulation looking forward to seeing more train and cruise trips ! cheers

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    I love puppies. I think I found your channel because of a train 🚂 ride you did.

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    You go daddy!
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    Congratulations Jim!!!!

    I gotta ask you though – Do you have any compression on your mic?! I know you previously worked in the radio business, and you definitely have that voice! It sounds so effortless and the audio is just so great on your videos.

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    Wondering if group of people would be interested in cruising with you through your travel agent as you have so much knowledge about the cruises.

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