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September 10, 2019

Hey guys! So this is me taking a train ride, from the Gateway to Atlantis. These are the scenes from the train and it’s it’s more or less like construction site but then a few seconds later when the train goes around the bend, then what we’re gonna see is Atlantis all the way straight right ahead, and that is also called as the ‘stem of the palm’ as in this is like ‘palm islands’ which are shaped as palm tree and so this is the stem of it and right at the end of it is the atlantis hotel or resort whatever you call it and on both sides of this track are all these apartments. This train is a normal public train, but there are only four front seats in this which have this unobstructed view. So, if you want to get a video or something then you must be quite quick to grab these seats because there are a lot of tourists – there are mostly tourists, who go to Atlantis and you really want to get these front seats if you want an unobstructed view. This is the Palm island. Although, this train stops at these Intermediate train stations but essentially there are just two train stations here. The one is the beginning, that’s called the ‘Gateway’ and the second one is ‘Atlantis’, that’s the end stop. So all these train stations which are showing up in between where the train is halting for a few moments these are just not really working at the moment, they are more probably gonna be used by the people when they start living here but at the moment these are just stations and they are not working. So, essentially you have just two train stops between the city, i.e. Dubai and, you know if you want to reach Atlantis, you just have a non-stop train ride from Gateway all the way till Atlantis. That in the distance is the Atlantis. I’ve made another video when the train was closer to the Atlantis and there I also talked about some train and ticket information So you can check it out if you like. And well, that’s about it for this one. Hey there! Thank you so much for watching. In case you like the video, please do subscribe. Also, if there’s a comment or any feedback or a question that you have about the video, please do post below. Thank you!

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