Almost Gone Historic Abandoned Railroad
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Almost Gone Historic Abandoned Railroad

August 17, 2019

you we’re over here ladies &
gentlemen your humble your honor our colleges with you today so this is a
stop West 85th Street in South West 17th Avenue I’m going to include a Google
Maps links to this location this is a follow up video this was one of my first
videos that I made when I when I created this channel a couple of years ago and
this is actually my favorite railroad well it was my favorite railroad not my
favorite abandoned although there is still part of it left
luckily the rig about 98% of the rails have been pulled on this railroad and
this is the only part that has not been pulled yet so I’m gonna show you that
right now but first I’m gonna show you so right there are the rails and this is
where it crossed this bridge this bridge was removed like you know 2000 here
maybe 2000 the crossed going south and eventually over there is us one it went
parallel see was one so yeah when I was kid in the 80s you could drive by here
and see this track well I think the last train
came by an 84 that’s when they put the motorway over there well so yeah I was
oh that’s where I was standing already I began filming and then this here is
door but the bridge once stood I’m going to show you guys right now part of
history legend has it that at night you can still hear the rumble of chains
through you so here it is oh actually this I’d never seen before
holy moly is on a huge iguana there that just drove into the canal so here it’s
actually part of whether the pilings for the trustfull was look at 1 2 3 I had
not seen this before well I’m glad I decided to come here today look at that
that is history right there the railroad archaeologist and that’s me touching
history that tie this well this rail road was made circa 1928 because though over there where that material is
the elevated rail that one was made in 1896 to go to the Florida Keys and then
this branch line was made after to connect us one going north to Miami
International Airport about ten miles or so so yeah I’m gonna see if I can find a
history or a manufacturer on this rail so again this is facing south and this
is facing north Beauty oh I was gonna say she’s not so
beautiful anymore but she still is beautiful in my eyes because I’ve been
seeing it since I was a kid she will always be beautiful at this this tree grew around the the
rail look at the anchor is rating still firmly in place you got this going on
over here sitting those rails with pretty modern I don’t fall I love it
they have those wheels in 1928 honestly cuz I know the seaboard ones had that
fin neck oh here we go there’s some information there right okay so 1945 is
this one but this perhaps wasn’t all the original real it could have been a face
it could irritate the original good saw so it’s still kind of jumbled a railroad
here every tree here I’m guessing the ones that are cut was
because of Hurricane Andrew but all the other ones Hurricane Andrew happen in 92
so this tree and those two over there they’ve been growing after 1984 and
there’s been nothing to deter their growth because I mean it’s not a trace
come by so it is global at their own free will and the house look at how deep
the grass is here it’s like me high but you’re not that’s why your railroad
archaeologist is here he doesn’t care about new high grass goes in it forever
and this time we’re completely track we have another date here we had another date there but it’s part
suyo I wrote it so yeah this sadly month it’s almost gone I mean it’s been 1984
was 35 years ago and this it’s still pretty intact for being abandoned 35
years ago I really don’t know why they ripped you even still see the baddest I
really don’t know why they uh they ripped all this this was ripped by the
way that got in 2008 so in 2008 they ripped going north to here they ripped
all over they began ripping all the rails and they began ripping or removing
the railroad crossings like in 2012 ish sad but you okay I’m gonna walk some
more down the line and you guys can come along with me if you like you said I’m
gonna include a Google map in so you guys can follow along so yeah so when
the overseas railway was going on when it was going to us it was all here you
go typing hey it’s hot it’s like 82 h87 80 degrees right now so you guys know
hot that things yeah so it was primarily a primarily know it was a passenger
railroad up until 1935 when the Labor Day hurricane wiped it out Stacey noise facing south so yeah so
well everything maybe the hair can wipe that out and then FBC thought it was too
costly to replace the railroad so they ended up selling from Florida City South
to Key West they ended up selling it back to the state
and then from Florida City North Woods the railroad
was still active up until in 1984 and then from 1935 to 1984 you may ask what
did they go do all the way to Florida City and I’ll tell you they went over
there to ha produce potatoes and such bring them back and eat for cards but
then on the 80s is when trucking began taking it’s off its rise and rail began
taking a decline so that’s what happened here sadly enough up until I think a few
years ago there was still over could be used to see some concrete sides over
here I’ll put a tough few years ago like you
can still see this is where the great blossom would they still had that
advanced warning rxr sign not anymore yeah this everything has gone here you
would have never known it was a real rule in sports that’s highway a 78 so uh
highway 878 so you guys remember how to track south sorry well yeah went south
then Southwest then here there was a wife that branched out through here like
this going east the north along us one and
then Southwest like that I met up with the other one that’s where I was so that train to Florida City from 1935
to 1984 I don’t know about the first years but I know like towards the end I
ran once a week I think it had all just a few real cards wasn’t anything major however I always say that if I always
say FEC lacked vision because if they would have kept this real estate here
with with the rails on it going back that way south well so this way goes to
Miami International Airport which was which is a central hub for
transportation here man and this track connected Miami International Airport
with homestead so pretty much covered all of the Greater South Florida and
then if this was this the rails were in place today and this property still
belongs to FEC this would have been prime real estate for a bright light it
would have alleviated a whole lot of traffic and if they would have had even
more vision back in 1935 they never would have sold it to the state they
would have they would have replaced that line and still had passenger trains
going out to the keys they would had a monopoly on it because no to this day
nobody else has had a railroad to the keys you can imagine that’s a huge
investment with a lot of capital a lot of resources not to mention other
environmentalists like nobody would want to it’d be virtually impossible to
create so do you have some cross ties this is Southwest 88th Street and yeah that’s where it goes right
there there’s a fence that says no trespassing so I’m gonna come back this
way and take you to the rails then I’m gonna take yourself again you


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  • Reply Richard Gerlach April 21, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    FEC lost interest in passenger trains after the 1963 strike. They ran a 3 car passenger train from North Miami to JAX from 1965 (end of the strike) to 1968 by State or Federal order. The mainline from MIA to JAX was double-track back then. Now it is single track with passing sidings. Most of the sidings are really just leftover sections of the old double-track.

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    This railroad was most likely a passenger line from Key West to the main land, not a freight line. The rail looked like it was for light service (112 – 119 lb), else it would've been beefier (127 – 140 lb). I guess that railroad was no longer feasible since the 1970's when most people chose to drive themselves to wherever they had to go. Passenger train ridership is low today across the US, even with Amtrak on the mainline between New York City, Albany and Buffalo, NY. I could only imagine how much worse it is there in Florida with a smaller population.

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    Love your channel, all the old rail rotting away or being removed in South Florida is a real shame. My wife worked for one of the MPO’s down here and is now a private sector transportation planner. The excuse all the beaurocrats used for not using rail more for public transportation was lack of infrastructure and expense of creating or acquiring it. Your videos of the abandoned FEC and old Seaborn lines goes to show how short sighted they and the rail companies have been.

    Brightline running to Florida City and Tri Rail to Homestead would be a game changer. The congestion on the Turnpike, Palmetto, and Don Shula are nothing short of excruciating on a good day! Rail service would provide a much needed reprieve to this congestion. Instead we have a worthless busway with hardly any ridership and a missing railroad.

    On another note, have you ever explored the right of way that is still visible in satellite imagery from the end of the busway through Krome and a perfectly straight line of trees that ends at US-1 when it curves back to align with the old railroad route? I wonder if there are any remnants there to be explored?

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    If you really want to touch a ghost from the past; it’s very likely that Henry Flagler himself rode along those tracks in his private railcar rumbling down to Key West in 1912!

    Also; the ubiquitous Krome Ave. is named after William J. Krome the engineer who surveyed the route over the Keys for Henry Flagler.

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