Alaska Cruise Vlog – Day 6 Skagway White Pass & Yukon Railway
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Alaska Cruise Vlog – Day 6 Skagway White Pass & Yukon Railway

November 19, 2019

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everyday cruisers a good morning we are in Skagway our northernmost port on this
cruise and it is a drizzly cool day here’s a look at the adorable little
town of Skagway and we’re joined today by Disney Wonder look how beautiful that
ship is and of course on the other side of the ship the Nordam and the Emerald
Princess are continuing to follow us up the channel we are really excited for
today we’re getting on the White Pass Rail at 12:15 we’re so looking forward
to that adventure but let’s hope the weather clears up just a wee bit now I’m down on the promenade deck
getting a closer look at Disney Wonder I just love that bright yellow anchor that
ship is so classic and beautiful okay now I’m on the other side of the ship
and I just want to show you guys the way the train is pulled right up to the ship
that’s the nordam and you can see the train is literally pulled right up to
the gangway there and it’s the same thing on the other side of the ship just
a short walk on the other side takes you to the White Pass rail so you can see
that it’s super convenient for cruise passengers to just jump on board and
head up the White Pass for a dose of Gold Rush history welcome to Skagway hey cruisers welcome aboard
the White Pass and Yukon route train we’re so excited to bring this adventure
to you guys today and we’re here actually jumping on the train over by
the Holland America ship and we’re taking off in about 10 to 15 minutes
we’re so excited to talk with the conductor and the tour guide today and
to learn a little bit more about Skagway and the construction of this absolute
civil engineering miracle and maybe need to pick up a little bit of Gold Rush
history along the way even have a nice heater to keep their hands toasty back
here which I understand around May when it’s so snowy keeps people pretty toasty
warm alright it’s my understanding that every single train car has a restroom I
think that’s pretty amazing so we’re gonna give you a little tour I’ll try to
squeeze inside and show you around this is the loo welcome look at this old
fashioned looking awesome toilet to flush toilet pump handle so you grab
that thing and give it a good pump but they have all the bells and whistles
running water soap nice hand towels even a little mirror but I’m a little bit too
short look I can’t even see you can maybe see
like my eyebrows in this mirror all right you guys we are rolling we are
starting our three hour journey to the summit the weather is a little bit
jerkily today hi but all in all it’s actually quite beautiful quite scenic
there’s still even a little bit of snow on the mountains down here and we’re
just going to enjoy the end of season train ride this is such a bucket-list day for me
you guys you know what I realize when we’re on this cruise too that the White
Pass and Yukon root railway is one of two civil engineering landmark so I
think I said that right that we’re experiencing this year so
this railway and the Panama Canal are two of the most amazing civil
engineering feats in history and we’re getting to experience both of them so
we’ve just started our three and a half hour journey up the 3,000 feet elevation
whoa you okay there cameraman and we’re standing on the flat the back platform
here we just left the area where all the cruise ships are and we just kind of
past some of the neighborhood area and you’re gonna see a lot of other trains
going by it is a very very busy day in Skagway today something like gosh
probably five shifts in each of these rail parts that are operating has about
excuse me each of the Train has about 14 cars on them so there is old there are a
lot of passengers probably maybe 400 people on this particular train along so
it is a very popular activity and for very good reason we’re starting to climb you can really
feel the elevation change and there’s a roaring River down there that’s just
sounds so refreshing and wonderful I was just talking with one of the employees
here and there are only 1,000 people that live in Skagway year-round actually
year-round residents that aren’t part of the tourism community here and 176 of
them are employed by the White Pass and Yukon route and about six of those
employees are on the train that we’re on today do you see my hands are all in it
I was holding onto the rail it’s pretty fascinating but this is a very big part
of the economy here in Skagway the other is a little breakfast on
safety we are way up for that so we reached the
summit and the staff here on the White Pass Rail has just moved the engine
from one side of the Train to the other side and we are getting ready to reverse
directions and head back down we just passed one of the landmarks
along the way here called black cross where there is a commemoration of two
men who lost their lives when building the railway apparently what happened was
they were left me on the rocks a little further up the road in a shock waves
knocked a giant rock off the road and down and hitting them under the rock so
they moralize them right there where they lay all right we’re wrapping up our train
journey today hold on tight cut off all over it’s been an amazing experience
special thanks to miss Jackie and the wonderful staff at the White Pass and
Yukon Route for making our day incredibly special this was something that’s been
on our bucket list for a long time and we will definitely be coming back next
time we’re in Skagway I have it on good authority that the
Skagway Brewing Company is the place to be so we’re checking it out right now
I’m gonna try the Spruce tips beer there it is whoa I don’t think I got the side
we’ll get that later all right got a great corner table at
the Skagway for a company I ordered myself a spruce tip blonde ale and yes this one for you – it
all right so I cheated I tasted it before I described it to you let’s see
here hand-picked Sitka spruce tree tips that
on a crisp kick to its dreamy whatever all I can tell you is it’s amazing and I’ve been
craving it ever since it was suggested to me so Cheers! Gotta have junk food when you’re having a nice cold brew in Alaska since we’ve
ordered wait for it the loaded and tater tots chili and
cheese check out we had a great day in Skagway but I’m
too tired to vlog night night today’s cruise vlog was brought to you by where you can find reviews tips and photos from real everyday cruisers


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    Sheri, my mom was short. All her children (I'm the oldest of four), were taller than her, but she didn't take crap from anyone. She used to say to people she'd just met, "I'm going to sue our city." When someone who didn't know her well asked why, she'd say, "For building the sidewalk too close to my butt."

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  • Reply Max Grey November 2, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    who did you bribe to get on the train early? When my family went it seemed like the entire cruise ship was lined up to board at the same time.

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