Alaska Cruise Vlog – Day 5 Juneau
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Alaska Cruise Vlog – Day 5 Juneau

September 10, 2019

today’s Juneau cruise vlog is
brought to you by our awesome sponsor where you can find
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out using the link in the description below good morning and welcome to Juneau we
are on an awesome adventure today called best of Juneau with Alaska travel
adventures and our first stop today is Mendenhall Glacier behind me you might
be able to see nugget Falls and we’re going to show you the glacier
we’re gonna go whale watching after this and then we’re gonna go to a salmon bake
and then if there’s time after that we’re gonna try to see how many other
things we can do in just one day as a little family of three and you know glad
you’re joining us that way yeah all right this is the point on the trail
when you have to decide which way to go so if you go left you go to photo point
and if you go right you take the one-mile trail to Nugget Falls we don’t
exactly have time today for a one mile two mile round-trip so we’re gonna go
left and go to photo point we’ve never been there before so this will be an
adventure saltless in the craziness of the
Mendenhall Visitor Center there are loads of busses of people here you guys
it’s a little out of control but we were standing by the bearskins
in the visitor center and we saw this door that went out onto a patio and just
off the patio there’s a trail that allows you to come up and get some peace
and quiet and a really peaceful beautiful view of the glacier and the
Falls right behind us so right now we’re just breathing in this fresh air and
taking some family photos and enjoying a little bit of quiet all along the trails here there’s little
educational spots and things that you can read along the trail and I was just
reading here that this particular spot was completely covered by the glacier in
1921 so the glacier receding is a huge thing around here no matter where you go
you’re gonna get educated about that but the trails are awesome there’s
educational little stop points everywhere and so much quiet on this
side of the visitors center you have to check this out okay pardon my wet lens
but I want to show you guys something we saw just off the trail right here and
that is that they have carved in the ice limit into the rock from 1936 so this is
where the glacier stopped in 1936 just a wee bit different so we left Mendenhall Glacier on our
little bus and now we are here getting ready to start the whale watching
portion of our tour which is about two and a half hours we got to meet our
awesome guide named Libby who is wonderful and has a really neat
background and we’re just waiting for a couple of other tours to get here then
we’re gonna jump on the whale watching boat and go out and see what we can find
she said maybe just maybe we might see orcas today so crushed fingers all right so we’re seeing lots of
beautiful whales today no orcas yet but lots and lots of what kind of whales are
there and they humpback whales or gray whales humpback whales or
gray whales? they are both yeah we’re here at the Gold Creek salmon bake
and just had a delicious meal there’s so much to choose from here when you first
walk in they give you this key a little teeny tiny bowl of clam chowder so you
start with chowder and then you can go to a cold line which has like Caesar
salad Alaskan Caesar salad which has salmon in it YUM and cold couscous
coleslaw things like that then you go to the hot line where you can get cornbread
and salmon and the decadent delicious scalloped potatoes and chicken if you
want it and then you go to the grill which is a separate little station and
get some salmon with an amazing maple glaze which hot tip for all of our
cruise viewers can be put on anything else like the chicken or the blueberry
cobbler which is absolutely amazing so the food here is great a little
surprising how close we actually aren’t in town it’s right off a main road but
it looks really rural as you can see behind me there’s like big huge trees
and it smells like pine and it feels like it’s a million miles away from
everything that it’s really convenient so we are going to go and grow some
marshmallows now and see about going to the waterfall did I say welcome to Juneau this morning
I don’t know if I said welcome to Juneau maybe I did anyway it’s been a great day
we got off the ship after cruising into port at about 8 o’clock this morning we
met our tour operator under the tram wires Alaska travel adventures by the
way awesome place and we got on our little mini bus and went out to
Mendenhall Glacier and had a rainy but wonderful walk out there then we went to
awk Bay and did a little whale watching and saw tons of whales today so the last
stop on this tour is the Gold Creek salmon bake which is a really popular
thing to do here in Juneau and it’s so much fun the food is excellent it’s
all-you-can-eat and the staff is super friendly one of the things that’s really
cool about it that I didn’t know is that they play live music and the guys just
playing kind of cool old classic rock and like country and fun like you know
sitcom tunes from the 70s and things like that so it’s a really great festive
atmosphere and they have amazing blueberry cobbler I think I already
mentioned that so we just settled into a little spot by the fire pit and we’re
looking for some marshmallows we found the sticks but we haven’t found the
marshmallows yet so we’re gonna try to roast the marshmallows the wood is a
little bit wet right now so hopefully the fire will get rolling and we can
have some delicious marshmallows and then we’re gonna take our little bus
back down to the cruise terminal and depending on the weather we will make
our plans from there see what also you can do today in beautiful Juneau i got smallos it’s no secret that they
keep the marshmallows by the beer you guys and that the beer costs $8 a glass
but we’re gonna roast these suckers I’m gonna let my son take it from here you
ready big guy wait for us so everybody’s cleared out
it’s super mellow and quiet I don’t want to leave we just roasted marshmallows
and the place is completely desolate but we’re gonna go jump on our van and see
if we can make it to mount roberts tramway before we get back on the ship
let’s go this is happening we are taking the tram
it’s not fogged in so we’re gonna give it a go
it was 84 bucks for the three of us adults or 33 kids or 16 don’t check my
math I’m not sure I did that right well let you know how it goes taking the tram to the top of Mount
Roberts is something I’ve always wanted to do but for one reason or another when
we came to Juneau we just never got around to it and we are finally here yeah and
it’s not fogged in it’s so awesome you guys it’s really really cold so I’m my
ears are popping from the elevation change I got my hat on and I think I’m
ready to get inside and go explore the trails and gift shop and just see what’s
here and maybe we can even see the resident bald eagle so it’s a good day
in Juneau for the record a family of three can do a lot of things and one day
so far we are up to visiting the glacier hiking at the glacier whale watching a
salmon bake and now I’m out Roberts so were doing pretty good here so we’re hiking along the trails near
the mount roberts tramway and it’s a little bit drizzly there’s a lot to see
here there’s just gorgeous nature everywhere so much green life smells
beautiful it’s crisp it’s clean let me show you a couple of things that we can
see if you really wanted to you could hike
all 2.5 miles from the top of Mount Roberts down to town but it’s a pretty
treacherous and the woman that was checking us and on the tramway hare said
that a tourist fell down a ravine a few weeks ago and he survived but he had to
be Coast Guard airlifted out because he was in such a treacherous place
apparently all of the shrubs that he fell home to saved him so it’s dangerous
but the area that we’re in is really tame and beautiful for just a little day
hike if you could put up with a drizzle and the cold there’s just so much beauty so my overwhelming feeling about Mount
robbery so far is that I really wish I had more time to stay here these hiking
trails are spectacular so you can see one side of the channel
on this side of me here and then if you flip around this way see forever going
the other direction by this there’s one more thing I want to do
permit leak juno and that is a little bit of shopping and convenient enough
for us there’s like three stores and right off the little dot here tell you
guys this but we were supposed to tender today but we actually got a dog so we’re
really stoked about it and they just go check out the shopping I can’t hear you for today’s show you today I just wanted
to go back it’s my princess roots and order my favorite martini of all time
from princess is called the Sam sidekick I always call it the Sam sidecar why do
I say sidecar anyway this is my favorite gin martini
it’s basically gin grapefruit juice and blackberry brandy and sometimes a twist
of lime let’s give it a taste so good you guys it’s just my favorite I don’t
know why I don’t order it every time that I want to mix it up all the time
but in the chaos of being a parent oh hi no bring it that’s great good
timing in the chaos of being a parent today and you want some bread okay see
this is what I’m talking about no more mom we just multitask all the
time but anyway in the chaos of being a parent you got some food for us we just
wanted some familiarity and that’s what Sam Sam sidekick is to me it’s
familiarity it’s home it’s princess cruises it’s all good things Cheers
we’re sailing away from Juneau it’s 9:30 p.m. and we just got back from dinner
and we were gonna go outside and film our little nighttime wrap-up for you
guys but it’s raining so we just open the door to get some fresh air and
wanted to just let everyone know how our day in Juneau was it was an absolutely
amazing day it was so action-packed we did a ton as you guys saw throughout the
day it was crazy like my feet are hurting and I have 19,000 steps on my
pedometer crazy but it was amazing it just makes me want to go back and spend
some more time even on a land vacation it was really special wanted to give a
huge thanks to Travel Juneau for all the awesome resources that helped us to plan
our day and to Alaska travel adventures who helped us out today with our awesome
triple threat shore excursion that was so much fun doing the glacier the whale
watching and the salmon bank all in one day and then still having time left over
to go to the tram and do some shopping was a real highlight and that was kind
of our plan was to see how many things make it squeeze into one day now this
mom is tired because we did a lot today you guys but it was really special very
memorable and we’re excited for what tomorrow holds in Skagway we’re gonna be
jumping on the White Pass rail as long as everything goes well and checking out
the Yukon route learning about the history of that area so join us tomorrow


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