Abandoned Railroad Spur Part 2

August 12, 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82 here I’m standing next to the FEC tracks In Hialeah, Florida right this is going to be a continuation video. I’ve shot a video here it was one of my first videos right and There was an abandoned spur over here, right? And I’m gonna show you I found in the following block There’s more evidence of it so we start off by showing you the one over here okay, so as I said in the first video It came off through there And you can see that they’re still a rail over her Remember that thought it had crossing gates Right there and right there These the gates were removed. I think it was 1995 or 1996 Let me show you There’s a rail over here Right okay, so that came out of the main right there This is West 8th Avenue & West 21st Street I’m gonna go around the block over here, and show you, I’m also going to include the Google Maps link in the description Okay, so this is West 8th Avenue Ok so this is the next block over this is West 20th Street, so I’m gonna be turning East bound on to West 20th Street Okay now we got a walk a few more about 100 or something feet that way Okay, so we’re coming up on Where the tracks came out of, where the spur came out of, you can see that building with the curvature And that fence there also has a curvature. I’ll show you right now so That’s where the tracks came out of right there Man somebody is… So the only visible evidence of any trackage here is right here These things went right there right here they split they went straight over there that way and This one went this way but yeah, there’s That’s it everything else here was pulled and removed there’s Nothing else nothing at all It’s facing south So that was our beloved spur I Hear that there used to be like a scrap metal over here something else that they used to pick up Yeah guys, and then that’s the metro rail on top, that’s Passenger So yes, sir This might be the last time I see you so, oh by the way There used to be a cantilever over here with no gates somewhere around here All right guys, thank you for viewing, please subscribe or like over and out

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