Abandoned Railroad Spur & Crossing

August 18, 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen row row 82 your railroad archaeologist once again Of the CSX downtown Miami spur drag police And then this was that spur that abandoned spur That I showed you in the last video and this is where it comes out to I kept on going that way and I’ll get to that in a few so Here we have a this is a webcoat WABCO signal bass Wcas gate mechanism Emergency contact info Safe translates Ebell up top Rico lights on the aluminum crossing gate and then This was that abandoned line I was telling you about I wonder how long it’s been abandoned for guessing a long time because those rails look pretty rusty Compared to these rails with your polish There’s the emergency right the really case And you we have the other signal Fabricated metals signal police WC haze gate mechanism Emergency contact info safe Tran lights all around for anything I think the gate is actually making – no it is it it almost makes contact with the light there when it goes up But it does it small gap And let me see what kind of bracket that is safe trend bracket ebo So, yeah, because the most interesting we had here was that abandoned spirit All righty guys, please subscribe for Lake thank you for sharing Thank you for viewing and please share Take care over and out

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