Abandoned Railroad Bridge to Oversea Railway
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Abandoned Railroad Bridge to Oversea Railway

August 11, 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen again we have
another piece of history here this morning this used to be part of the FEC
branch line that connected over there – this is facing south
to the main next to us one that led into the Florida Keys and became the
oversea railway I have a video on this that you guys maybe watched a couple of
weeks ago so this would be like the part two of it this is a little bit more
north of that location I’m gonna include a Google map Google Maps link so you
guys can see so this is are facing north that track is that’s going north and
this would be going south south then this way is going east and this way is
west so let me give you a little tour of this old wooden trestle bridge here from
what I can access I don’t want to fall in the water this morning right okay so
this used to be the railroad bed over here and this will be the east side of the bridge look at that that means this bad boy was put in in
1998 which makes sense because there was a customer over there by where that big
tower is, that stopped getting service like around 2004 so makes all the sense in
the world this line was used up until 2004 wow wow wow yeah I don’t want no I
don’t want this to be the last video that I filmed so I just keep it here for
now yeah I don’t know in what conditions like look at this wood over here so who
knows if I step over there and then I’ll go straight down and maybe there’s an
alligator there so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you guys a tour going
south and see if we find any spikes ties or anything of that nature
all right okay so yeah I got down from the bridge and then that’s facing
east right this is the waterway neighborhood so okay now I’m going back
on the railroad bed and you know you don’t see any of ballast or ties I do
see a sign here so let’s see what this sign says. I wonder if it’s like a plaque to
the railroad let’s see well a vision of the trail Ludlam Trail is our vision
to transform an abandoned rail line into a vibrant pedestrian friendly but all I
see is abandoned rail line they should’ve left a part of it, that’s all in saying! so I’m gonna
continue walking south okay guys so right now im about 200 or so feet
from my original location which was over there and over here the grass starts to
get pretty high you see like it’s about up to my waist and I haven’t
seen any signs of ballast or ties or plates or anything so I will keep my
eyes peeled I just want to show you guys how elevated it is over here it’s like
about maybe eight feet cuz um my feet are probably leveled with the roof
roofs of the houses and then over here you can see I don’t know if you can
notice it on the picture but yet it’s significantly raised and these
are morning glories right I shall continue ok guys so here
the grass starts getting really dense and off you see like I’m somewhat of a
makeshift forest inside the city that’s tower I was telling you guys about earlier
and then this neighborhood this is interesting because this is a park which
is right inside the city of Miami like right near South Miami and it looks
pretty urban here all right ok guys well here we see our first signs of a
ballast check this out that’s fec ballast for you right there and we continue walking South
there you go more ballast I think this might be maybe, I don’t know
where they transmit cell phone signals or radio signals or there’s a sign says
danger high voltage on the fence over there but this is what I want to show
you guys this over here this ballast heaven look at this look at this if
there was ever any doubt that there was a line here. Look at that and then
something else I wanted to bring up oh I’m almost certain that there used to be
a team track here I think it was I’m not entirely sure but uh this might shed a
little light over here there’s interestingly enough there’s
like a paved part of this place where I think but team track was located and
it’s off to our left right here so if anybody knows whether or not this
was a team track please comment below I’d love to know and got some friends along
with the ride for me as usual but it’s okay so yeah I think this was the
location of the team track, if not what why would this pavement be here I
mean well what purpose did it serve I mean there was no let’s see what this
was monitoring observation well okay this
was probably put in after the tracks were removed it doesn’t seem like it was
anything rail related and I was hoping to see at least like a whistle post or
at milepost nothing okay and then right off about 200 feet in front of me you
see those cars passing that’s bird road over there we got more ballast there more ballast here and the last trains here were like I
said 2004 which serviced, this is Bird road so I think South West 40th Street so
that customer was around 44th Street i think it was like a truss company or lumber
company something to that effect and then I have a video of showing when
this crossing was removed the before and after they had some old WRRS
cantilevers here at this crossing so here we’re
coming up on bird road see what the sign says over here it’s a 10-minute bike ride to South Miami senior high school scan for biking directions I don’t think
it’s that complicated all you gotta do is go south, which is that way yes
you see the cross ties see a wood tie there and then concrete ties. A very old sign that said
private property no trespassing FEC railway company. That right there would have been
track view south track view north and Boom! alright guys
thank you for coming along with me please subscribe or like.
thank you for viewing over and out


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    Nice RailROL!

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    Rare….But interesting….thanks for sharing….like

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    I hope this interests you because it is a railway but at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park on Ft Lauderdale Beach there is an abandoned railway and they have a bridge just like this and they also have a tunnel that stretches a very long way that they are going to re open soon

  • Reply Jared G451 October 24, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Prime FEC History! If only the FEC would've kept the line in service, but I am surprised that they haven't removed the bridge when it went out of service. Hopefully the new trail will respect the old Right-of-Way, maybe they'll install an old Crossing Signal at one of the intersections for history's sake!

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    Love seeing all the FEC Over The Seas Railroad videos! Great video. Hope to see more!

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    Trestle has steel supports !! very kool!!

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    neat wish we had old wooden trestles around here I know of an abandoned steel one at Tremont Illinois of the old Peoria & Eastern/Conrail/ Penn central I think. Got more guts than me i'm afraid of heights standing on a bridge like that where you can see through the ties would scare me yet the highway bridge over Galesburg yard doesn't bother me and it's high…go figure. lol. I guess i don't like things i can see directly under me. haha

  • Reply jds hempfarm June 3, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    www.govtrack.us/congress/members you tube cut me off, from copy paste, well this guy is the best and if you want to support his efforts do something today, run down your congressman and tell him you vote, make these people work for us, that love riding the rails. You can always sit on your ass and do nothing, hell it is easy to bitch. It is tough to get up, stand up, for your rights. Ever heard of Bob Marley, the government killed him, he was a bit influential, for their taste.

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    Nice video, I might be late but I am gonna search for action on this rail line.

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    Thanks for the history tour, nice job.

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