A tour of “Grand Funk Railroad”, built by ImagesRR.com (Dan & Armando Vargas)
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A tour of “Grand Funk Railroad”, built by ImagesRR.com (Dan & Armando Vargas)

August 31, 2019

Welcome today.
Today we’re at one of our projects. I’m the owner of the Images Railroad Company
and I wanted to have a chance for the public to see our private layouts we build for client
and this one is very unique. It’s for Steve Funk, it’s called the Grand
Funk Railroad and as you go along the tour what’s really nice about it is there are very
unique scenes. One is a hockey stadium, the other one is
a carnival, small carnival that comes to town. There’s a haunted scene with the Adams family,
the monsters and the psycho house and O C H A O S so we hope you enjoy the video A little bit more about the layout.
The layout, what’s really nice about it, is featured in San Francisco, the historic Presidio.
It’s in a downstairs basement. The dimensions are 20 by 8 and we used creative
license to create a lot of unique scenes which we hope will inspire you if you’re building
your own railroad, to see how we put together the accessories and the structures and see
how everything works out when it is blended. The hockey stadium was based on the client
living in Canada and it’s got the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks and it’s unique
it has animations. The layout has a very unique animation.
It’s got a construction crew, with a steam roller and a working dump truck.
Also it’s got an animated baseball field, it has an animated windmill and as you look
at the video you can enjoy the scenes in operation. Another unique scene in the layout is, the
client wanted me to capture a lot of his personal places he lived, placed he visits, so there
are about 5 or 6 different vignettes, if you go through there’s like a Chicago, it’s just
a flavor of Chicago like the elevated train, the little trolley car, the down town.
Also I mentionned the carnival, which is a carnival that would be coming into town, big
carnival, small carnival, some Lemax and other accesories.
The other accessories would be… there’s a very nice Mel’s drive in and some personal
touches: his son’s Bennet bike shop and his daughter’s Caroline pet shop and if you look
at the scenes you can see them working. OK so the hauted scene features the monsters’
home, with the monsters grandfather car, the monsters coffin car, also the psycho home
with the grandmother at the corner left window, and the Adams family home, and a couple other
scenes such as cementary, witches brewing stirring a pot, so it’s kind of unique. One the things we wanted to be able to share
with you in the video about this layout is the creation, the artistic license, to help
you know that since we do this a lot we have to deal with the same accessories, and it
gives us a chance to be versatile, so when you look at the scenes please look at all
the Woodland Scenics structures, all the custom Lionel and MTH houses and see how we can of,
we didn’t have space but we have put them in a setting where they look believable, where
you’d accept them artistically, where they look nice, there’s a lot of shrubery, there
are a lot of automobiles, gives you a chance to take it a little bit further maybe than
most people haven’t gotten that far, so we want to help the hobby and help inspire you
to get into railroading. We’re very pationate in our business because,
this is a specialty company and we love what we do and we want for you to love what you
do at your railroad so we want to inspire you so this is more like, gives you, you know,
open inspiration to see other projects and put them together into your own way. Everything’s’ custom and based on our clients
what they ask of us, and we just take their ideas, mixed them with our ideas and put it
all together and add some finishing touch.

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