7 Most Useful Machines That Do Incredible Things !
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7 Most Useful Machines That Do Incredible Things !

August 9, 2019

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science and technology today we are going to explore some incredible
super machines which you have never seen before
so sit back relax and enjoy my friends number one slj 900 as we know Chinese
government is superfast in everything thanks to slj 900 machine from a Chinese
company be WMC now there is no excuse for corrupt politicians in delaying
national developments and infrastructure projects although it is huge in size
weighs approximately 580 tons with 300 feet of total length in 24 feet wide
this mega machine is made to accelerate bridge constructions the working
mechanism for this machine is very simple first this machine has to be
adjusted precisely with the neck supporting platform by extending its
hydraulic arms then another sliding support has to be attached with the same
platform and further the machine moves with large girder blocks then it lowers
the block at its accurate position and this process is repeated again and again
till the completion of this project this slj 900 is supported by a total of 64
wheels which split up into four sections means it has 16 wheels each in addition
each section can rotate 90 degrees enabling the entire machine to drive
sideways why is bridge construction slow in your country what do you think about
it number two tiger cat 107 5b tiger cat is
a powerful machine which is designed and manufactured for extreme roadways it’s
powerful enough to transport wood up to its load capacity which ranges from 15
to 20 tons thanks to its caterpillar track it is capable of going anywhere
Tiger cat has two highly resistant treadmill arms with robust blades
located at the rear of the vehicle preparing the soil for replanting is
generally referred to as scarification which is the process of breaking up the
untamed surface after the land has been harvested these arms are used to break
through the branches and leftover tops to expose the soil to more light water
and access the nutrients which encourages strong healthy root formation
and boost the productivity number three multi pack c14 the bullets multi pack
manipulation system is developed by the company artisan thanks to that now you
can save the costs of labor and time with respect to the traditional
procedure providing the significant benefit to the producer the c14 multi
pack incorporates an improved system for a continuous and constant working cycle
of bale packing thanks to its design it’s very simple to operate the operator
has full control of this machine during its mechanical and operational
simplicity it is easy to understand their functions not only does the
operator have enough comfort inside the cabin but the outdoor visibility is
great as well a single operator is sufficient to carry out the entire
process without the need for specialization the c14 multi pack has
various benefits such as less need for frequent adjustments more work and less
time and it’s also adaptable to all types of small bullets regardless of its
size number four trucks paid you may love
Trump or hate Trump but we have to admit that we should protect our environment
as we know it’s very difficult to save big trees during national development
projects many trees are cut unnecessarily and the best solution to
this is the truck Spade introduced by Arbor Co Australia’s most professional
tree care company truck Spade is an innovative vehicle with an unusual
hydraulic arm this arm has six metallic petals which is capable of digging and
penetrating the ground without damaging the roots of the tree after enough
penetration it’s metallic petals are precisely conflicted with the hydraulic
pressure to hold the tree strongly after completing this critical process now
truck Spade is ready to lift the tree gradually and after that this tree is
ready for planting in another possible region it also provides opportunities to
plant trees for public park constructions another version is also
available for small-scale plantations with faster processing capabilities
meets Bobcat tree spade speed up production in cut labour costs by using
the Bobcat tree Spade to turn your loader and switch free digging
transplanting and loading machine the overlapping blades the operators dig and
transplant trees with speed and efficiency a compact short tower design
allows the tree Spade to easily squeeze between closely planted trees while
maintaining excellent visibility and by using integrated joystick controls
operating the tree spade is easier and more comfortable than ever built for the
maximum durability this attachment is ideal for applications such as nurseries
golf courses DNR’s and parks and recreation
departments guys I request you to participate in the green mission to save
our planet number five Karara robotics when robots
truly become sentient this is the robot we’ll need to make sure is truly and
well locked away in a giant vault made of diamonds this robot in question is
two Karara a wire cutting robot that you can see
here it can cut through marble like a chainsaw through snow once you’ve gotten
over the fear of a robot that can cut through almost anything take a moment to
actually enjoy the fact that until the robot revolution does happen the kurara
will be creating utterly beautiful shapes out of solid marble this robot
has diamonds saturated wire which is used to cut through the metal while a
constant spray of water helps to cool the process resulting in that
effortlessly smooth finishing number six esque has a vent cleaning the eskas event cleaning is a company
specialized in cleaning event areas through years of experience they have
also developed a unique method ask as event cleaning is an innovative company
with its specially designed machines that get all land at a small or large
event cleaned in the fastest possible way this machine is the duality of a
truck and a vacuum cleaner with the large volume capacity its operational
speed is 10 miles per hour this gives it enough speed to clean the
given area it has two massive suction tubes in front of the machine allows it
to collect the waste of various sizes and different materials from the ground
the unloading process of collected trash can be done in a matter of seconds just
open the back port both actions are automatically performed and can be
controlled from the driver’s cabin aside from the garbage collection this machine
can be used to clean fallen leaves on the streets number 7 kalashnikov’s
Hoverbike a Russian defense company has developed
a flying vehicle that recently took to the air as a manufacturer’s
demonstration to show what it can do the hovercraft built by Kalashnikov gets its
lift from 16 sets of rotors and appears to run on battery power not fuel it’s
likely that a future version of this vehicle might be used by military as
Kalashnikov is already involved in the production of defense equipment and
ammunition as well as combat vehicles Kalashnikovs doesn’t look particularly
scary but it does look a little windy that show would definitely be useful
guys I want to try this crazy thing what about you thanks for watching which
machine did you find the most interesting impressive and useful let me
know in the comments below be sure to subscribe and don’t forget to click on
that little Bell icon to be notified of new uploads take care and I will catch
you in my next episode peace


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