53 hours on a Russian Train: Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk by Train
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53 hours on a Russian Train: Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk by Train

December 3, 2019

Hello Tripsters! Welcome to
another video! We’re about to start our second part of our trip, we are leaving
Yekaterinburg.. I’m reading the sign up here! Yekaterinburg and we’re
going to Irkutsk! Irkutsk (Irkutsk) Language is
not my forte, as you guys can tell! So, this is gonna be about two and a half
days on the train and we’re pretty excited about that; she’s saying two and
a half. I’m saying three, but you know…. We’ll see, but we’re pretty excited! We’re
about to get on the train it’s about to leave, so we really need to get on and
we’ll take you (with us again and show you again what it’s like) and hopefully this train will be a little different. But, its starting! (I really don’t want to miss it! Here we go! Off we go! Leaving Yekaterinburg! Ready for another stop and this time we have about half an hour. So, nice and long. Time to get off the train, because this time the train is super hot, super hot! So, hopefully it is a little bit cooler outside. It was raining
just a little bit ago.. So, should be cooler. Oh, I can feel the breeze already! We’re out here! our train just stopped.
(Yes!) We’re in the mad dash. There’s a bunch of little shops here selling, cokes and
noodles, and ice cream… Ice cream, noodles and there’s a few ladies walking around. (Selling fish). Yea, I think they sold, oh no, she’s got a… there’s some fish over here. Like she has a bunch, I think it the famous fish. (I think it’s the famous fish in Irkutsk.) Maybe, looks kind of like a mullet. I forgot the name of it. But this is what it is like on the Express! So, far we have seen a lot fields and a lot of forests. Not too many different landscapes. But still enjoying it! Still exciting right? Yea, we are already at 3 pm on the first day. Time is going by pretty fast. Time is going by reading our books,
Maybe, we’ll get a sausage! Time to go back in! Oh these are our carriage friends. Times up! where you get your hot water comes out
right here and you can make noodles make tea do whatever you want it’s just a big
thermos that keeps everything hot and then as we continue down the hallway we
actually have a bathroom and I’ll show you what the bathroom looks like so the
bathrooms are not very nice I would say compared to other trains may be compared
to the Chinese trains or compared to other trains. yeah but will it here and
you actually have to push like pushing the lever down with your foot and then
you have a window you look out paper towel
and draw the paper down here but gets the job done that’s not as much
as you can say about the bathrooms so this is pretty much what the trains look
like you have your four bunks on the one side if we go all the way through I was
told that we could probably make it into the third class where they have six
bunks and it’s not closed down and see if I can see that also looking for potentially a food car
if we can find one Yvon and i have noticed that there are
a lot of Dutch on this train and they seem to like to travel everywhere so train looks pretty much the same all
the way through seems and there’s nothing too special walk a little bit
more but if we come across something I’ll show you if not this all looks
about the same oh this might be first-class it feels
air-conditioned so this area is air-conditioned which
might mean it’s first class but the bed setup is still the same here. hello so there is a menu here
and they serve different things
I’m not sure we got salads and sandwiches so this is the dining car as you can see
you could sit here you could order something maybe if you want to drink or
if you wanted to just sit you come sit more making friends yeah all over the
world yeah but I think Russian American yeah what happened I don’t
know we stopped moving and we gave some treats to our new
friends sure I like to but they were not too sure about the dope I
don’t know why so on train there’s a super useful
timetable with all the stops the train passes by and the red lines indicate
different time zones and you see on the left you can see it here on the left
it’s like the arrival time in ending low so and that’s a departure time so as you
can see for example here you arrive and 18 plus 10 and then you depart a tenth
left for so you stop for 26 cents in 26 minutes and 26 minutes on the train
station journey 26 minutes you can get off the train and you have time to just
walk around a platform get some food from the booth or booths on this
platform and the latest setting things so this is super useful schedule to see
exactly when you are riding the train will be at the platform it is now day two like an afternoon three
o’clock for something and now we’re still going strong I was joking at
Miguel almost lost it lately I’m just confused on our schedule we got
off schedule for some reason yes we were supposed to be here like 20 minutes ago
yeah yeah just got off on the last like three stops
let’s two or three stops we’re off by like five or ten minutes and so far
we’ve seen Department so ahead of me is our new friend we met her in was in it
got the America what was your name again yeah Lara she lives close to Moscow and
she’s showing me now her third class third class bunks to the top the
beds and then more beds bottom and that’s what the whole carriage looks like done
here on the side of two more beds oh yeah it is now we Gala or just everything getting ready to get on the train pull into Irkutsk we are now in a field in Russia what are
we doing in the field and Russia Yvon? we’re having a break from our six hour
trip journey to the island the local island in the middle of the baikal lake


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  • Reply Aley October 18, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    You were unlucky. You bought a ticket for an old train. However, the trip looked wonderful.

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    The 3rd class looked pretty rough for a long voyage.

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    I am gathering courage to take this train trip, please give me some more reasons.😂😂

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    Many thanx for yet another video of your trip!!!
    (BTW, the girl's name at approx. 10:00 was not Lara, but Lera, it's a diminutive form of the female name Valeria.)

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  • Reply Санта Рождественский November 25, 2019 at 11:35 am

    То же мечтаю от Питера до Владика прокатиться на поезде.

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