1,790 km in 6 hours and 50 minutes – This is Chinese High-Speed Rail (Shanghai – Guangzhou)

September 7, 2019

Guangzhou at Night, filmed form Looking to the west near Changgang, Guangzhou
on a rather chilly morning in April Outside of the Southern arrival exit
to Guangzhou South Railway Station Outside of the Southern departure entrance
to Guangzhou South Railway Station Ticket and ID card checkpoints are installed outside Going up the escalator to the security checkpoints The massive departure zone from Guangzhou South
Railway Station According to the departure board our train G68 to
Shanghai Hongqiao will depart from track 10 The departure zone is filled with lots of natural light,
coming in from the glas roof At 7:50 (10 min before departure) passengers are allowed
to pass the automated boarding gates in order to get
to the train platform Looking at the train platform zone;
A multitude of high speed trains are waiting to depart A CRH380A trainset is leaving to the North towards Changsha Going down the escalator towards the platform;
I assume our train is very short today,
because I cannot see it, yet A here is our train:
A 8-car Velaro CRH3 trainset (registration: CRH3C-3033) Super punctual departure from Guangzhou South at 8.00am;
Interior shots of the train will follow shortly So many tracks – this can only be China The train is rather empty at this point;
Who said Chinese trains are always full? The Nanning–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway in the back
runs mostly parallel to our tracks for the first 20 km Another CRH3C high speed train travelling
to Guilin North as train G2902 That train is faster than us,
but we’ll catch up soon Finally, we are starting to pick up some speed The first tunnel Crossing the Zhujiang River and catching up
to the Guilin high speed train The Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Railway is merging
with the Hengyang–Liuzhou Intercity Railway (to Guilin, Nanning) Kunming-Shanghai High Speed Railway is merging
with the Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Railway Approaching Changsha South Railway Station Approaching Nanchang West Railway Station Approaching Hangzhou East Railway Station Approaching Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Shanghai Metro Line 2 is connecting Shanghai Hongqiao
with Shanghai Pudong International Airport

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