電車 京王 武蔵野台4号 音 踏切動画 railroad crossing japan

September 2, 2019

8701F+8801F Keio 8000 series 7803F+7703F Keio 7000 series 9708F Keio 9000 series This is the Musashinodai No. 4 railroad crossing in the Keio Line of Keio Electric Railway.
This signal is located on the east side Tama-reien Station. 8703F Keio 8000 series 8705F Keio 8000 series 7726F Keio 7000 series 9704F Keio 9000 series 7706F Keio 7000 series 7708F Keio 7000 series 8704F+8804F Keio 8000 series 8733F Keio 8000 series 8713F Keio 8000 series TAKAO Promotion I am glad to be able to share with you Japan Level Crossing Videos.
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