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October 12, 2019

China’s high-speed trains are known for their stability, efficiency and quality However, by the 723 – wenzhou line major railway traffic accident It wasn’t until 2017 that it reached 350 kilometers per hour It all stems from an absolute concern for passenger safety So are China’s high-speed trains safe? Recently, CRRC sifang did an experiment to prove it I wonder if you have seen high iron collision? September 27, 2019, Qingdao sifang co., LTD On the rail vehicle collision test bed The actual train collision test at 76 km/h was successfully completed It is also the world’s fastest crash test for high-speed trains Some netizens said: this may be the most expensive car accident scene Two locomotives were used in the experiment One of them is stationary The other crashed into the stationary engine at the prescribed speed We can see that the front end of the car is instantly destroyed The outermost layer of white material splashes everywhere But don’t look at the appearance of the miserable quilt But the collision data shows The deformation of energy absorption structure of two vehicles is controllable and orderly Division by the space is still intact, the vehicle collision resistance can be excellent It also shows that the energy absorption device is effective It indicates that China’s high-speed train passive safety technology has reached the international advanced level The test is above European standards Very close to the actual vehicle operation What is the energy absorption structure of the train? What security does it provide for high-speed trains? Energy absorption structure is a kind of train protection device Also known as energy absorbing components Conventional energy absorption components consist mainly of two honeycomb panels Two fixed friction plates and a buffer When there was a high-speed rail crash The hollow honeycomb column in the honeycomb plate will be squeezed and deformed in an instant At the same time the friction plate and the buffer will also buffer the crash force Finally reduce the damage to the train This is also the mainstream energy absorption structure used by all countries in the world However, the speed of high-speed trains has been increasing in recent years The aerodynamic drag is also greatly increased To improve the aerodynamic performance of the train Reduce the air resistance of the train during operation Countries all over the world have adopted the streamlined shape of large length-to-thinness ratio on the locomotive design And as high-speed rail speeds increase in the future The slenderness of the locomotive tends to increase even further This puts forward higher requirements for the passive safety protection measures of trains But using a large slender-to-length front poses another problem That is, the headspace will be further compressed It is very difficult to arrange and install the collision energy absorption structure Finally, the contradiction between speed and safety becomes increasingly prominent How to arrange the energy absorption structure reasonably in the locomotive At present, it is the main difficulty for countries around the world to speed up the train The purpose of the CRRC quadrilateral test Is to test their latest development of a rail vehicle front – end energy absorption device The technology has also won a gold medal in Chinese patents Small make up after consulting a lot of information on the energy absorption device have a general understanding Five hole profiles are used in the energy absorption beam of the sifang structure of CRRC Support baffle and guide structure parts are installed on the energy absorbing beam Like a three – section hydraulic pump When the impact force comes, the five-hole energy absorption beam will buffer in turn Finally, the shock absorption is stable and orderly In addition, a coupler energy absorption structure and anti-crawling energy absorption structure are also arranged at the end Used as a terminal buffer So there are four buffers It can minimize collision damage of high-speed railway It is understood that the sifang r & d energy absorption structure It is already in use on fuxing, a 350kph vehicle And through the real car operation test The following 250 km and 400 km standard emu trains will be put into use in China In addition, this technology patent as the core CRRC sifang has also established a patent portfolio for collision safety protection system A total of 57 patents were applied, including 21 overseas patents from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany This real car crash although look very distressed But it also sets an example for China’s high-speed rail safety Future overseas orders are expected to be soft Finally, train crash testing Why was the test speed set at 76 km/h? Train crash experiments need to be gradual At the beginning of this year, China completed collision tests at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour The speed of 76 km/h is much higher than the European EN15277 collision standard It’s also the fastest crash test in the world High-speed trains are different from cars in that they have carriages attached to them and their weight is very high There’s no point in colliding with a conventional energy absorbing structure at the highest speed This high-speed crash is also a waste of two locomotives If a new energy absorption structure is developed in the future Maybe the speed of the collision will be higher


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    It was a crash test. What mystery? They have to analyse the data. So?

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    其实火车轨道旁边应该每一公里放一个电子拉器,如航空母舰拉飞机下降的那种设计,那个铁线一拉如同拉到一块大石,让紧急时刻数度突然降下,车身每一厢都必须有拉钩,在紧急时刻每个车厢都能保命,拉钩设计可以如同飞机需要下降的时候开轮子下来那样,就不会有遮挡风影响数度,每个车厢必须要有拉钩的原因是因为前面一幢后面就一定会打劫,后面的车厢一定喷撞,所以设计每个车厢可以紧急启动勾着轨道旁的拉力就能保护整辆火车,要喷我的人 我知道我就是会说不会做,不爽就来喷啊,我只是给点子

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    司機是活下來了,但是後面的列車全都掉到橋下去了。 沒用啊。

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    大陸高鐵是拿來撞車的 笑死

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    这样搞高铁相撞试验太可怕了!应该用相撞的俩 辆时速快于正常,且要多加一节车厢,然后在野外测试,再下结论。

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    76公里是再測試甚麼? 350公里撞看看才準確!

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    2011年温州动车事故时时速是100 km,现在的中国只剩下高铁能骄傲

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    美国万岁 中国给人打 给王府打 甜美国打

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    共產黨傻逼 兩個方向只有一個開動 是單卡 動量太少
    如果雙方是十卡 200公里對撞 立刻粉身碎骨

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    The test result is for collecting data for future design. It does not mean anything. Before the test, they set the parameters and observed the test after the crash. If you are a none technical people please don't criticize. This is one of the research and development procedure of high-speed rail. Same as a crash test for the commercial car.

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    這次你沒有吹牛,見到應該是中國鐵道 “ 撞擊測試 “ ,從撞擊中找出甫好的結構來承受衝力。

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    安全氣囊 有用嗎????

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    這樣測驗因該不準吧 還有後車廂擠壓 這個影響因該是比較嚴重

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    花那麼多錢 去演這戲 真無聊

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    林北就杀你们中国给你们看 !!!

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    才一節的沖擊力,平常的列車只有一節嗎?後面節數所帶來的沖力/推力 才是真正的殺傷力,白癡標題

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    先不說時速76公里碰撞測試有沒有意義了 平常速度都2 300在跑的
    你們碰撞測試只拿一半的車頭要怎麼測試 直接把列車的質量省略嗎

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    只要運轉員或是任何操控軌道系統的人員不出錯 兩台高鐵對撞是不可能的事

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    質量差太多了 實際上如果12節車廂用20公里去撞
    比你用單一車頭的100公里去撞 嚴重很多
    這個測試並沒有考慮到後面幾節車廂的動能….. 影片看看就好

    因為沒有意義 所以其他國家懶得測試 只有26仔自嗨

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    要不是日本之前把新幹線技術賣給你們 你們有現在的成就? 還有你們有不少的列車外殼都是直接抄日本歐洲的設計這樣還叫利害?

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