Что посмотреть в Москве? ТОП 10 мест. Достопримечательности Москвы за 2 дня [Eng sub]
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Что посмотреть в Москве? ТОП 10 мест. Достопримечательности Москвы за 2 дня [Eng sub]

September 6, 2019

Hi, in this episode I’ll show you Top 10 interesting places that are worth visiting in Moscow. I’ve chosen not only world-known tourist attractions, but some peculiar places that you won’t find in tourist guide books. I came to Moscow on the Cure gig. I always wanted to see them live and Robert Smith’s music made my trip magical. I spent a weekend in Moscow and I’ve visited all this places in two days. Also, they are all free (without taking into account the cost of a Metro ticket). I’m into new interesting art centers, so I’ve visited a couple of them here. All geotags will be in the description under the video. Dobrogo puti! To turn English subtitles on please click on Subtitles/CC button and chose English. So – we’re here in Moscow at the Three Railway Station Square (Komsomolskaya Square). Let’s go straight to the Red Square. It’s early in the morning and it’s the best time to visit Red Square while all the tourists are still sleeping in their cozy hotel rooms. Russia’s Kilometre Zero. So we’re on the square. And this gorgeous building is GUM State Department Store. We’ll visit it later. A nice decorated street – I guess it looks marvelous in the evening. Can’t help but thinking that GUM looks a bit like The Louvre, what d’you think about that? The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed – probably the most recognizable Russian church. And this is The Spasskaya Tower and the Kremlin chimes – this is the very background that Putin uses in his New Year speeches. This place is worth visiting, but there’s nothing for me to do here, so I’ll just walk around, take some photos and leave. Being on a weekend trip, you just can’t spend your time visiting all this museums. I’ve seen a huge mile-long line of people queuing all day just to see the corpse of Lenin. I find that really weird) Another Stalin’s high-rise. There are seven of them all across Moscow, and you will surely see most of them while walking round the city. Vladimir the Great and V. I. Lenin State Library of the USSR. So I made a full circle around the Red Square. There’s an interesting globe. And now we’re heading into GUM. It’s an old huge department store and it’s artfully designed. Even if you’re not gonna buy something – just take a walk around it – it’s very beautiful. Now I’m gonna visit the Arbat Street. It’s a famous and old pedestrian street in the historical centre of Moscow, but in the morning it looks pretty dull. I can almost see the Moscow City Skyscrapers silhouetted on the horizon. I haven’t seen them last time I was in Moscow, because they weren’t yet built. There they are! Hiding behind another Stalin’s high-rise. I decided to walk towards them by foot alongside the riverbank. I guess, I’ve fallen in love with skyscrapers in Honk Kong. I’ve visited the 108 floor there and it’s my personal ‘high-rise record’ so far. Now, every time I visit a new city, I always include a high-rise downtown area in my must-see list. Oh? You must be kidding me! A church? There? I wasn’t expecting to see this building in a such district. There are thousands of thousands churches in Moscow, I repeat – thousands of thousands! I like these high-rises, especially the spiral one. There’s a shopping mall inside, but I’d rather spend my time walking around the city. In the evening, I went to The Afisha Picnic outdoor festival in Kolomenskoye. The Cure is one of my favorite bands of all time. They are visiting Russia for the second time, but I think it’s also the last time ( So I couldn’t miss their gig. I can’t include a live gig record in my video because of the YouTube blocking policy, but I’ll leave a link somewhere here, where you can watch the whole video on my second channel. I still haven’t decided what to do with my second channel, but I guess I’ll be posting some personal vlogs and stuff, so please subscribe and hit notification bell. Also, you’ve been asking in comments what sort of music I prefer, what bands do I like, and I decided to make an episode about it. Please comment below if you are interested in such content. And so – day 2. On day 2 I wanted to visit The Izmailovo Kremlin. Also I wanted to ride the train on The Bolshaya Koltsevaya Metro line (Large Circle Line). I must admit that the Moscow Metro is much more convenient comparing to the Saint Petersburg Metro. So here I am in the Izmailovo Kremlin. Let’s take a closer look. The Kremlin looks like those pictures in old russian folklore books, the towers are all different styles, different colors, a bit ‘over the top’ but it’s a nice place if you want to feel the atmosphere of a russian fairy tale. It’s full of tourist attractions as well: matryoshka dolls, ushankas and even a pink Lenin. And now were’re going to the VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) – a huge amusement park with lots of fountains and different pavilions representing different Soviet republics. You can also buy baked chestnuts and candy apples. But it’s a true challenge not to get caramel all over your face while eating such an apple. It’s a really huge park where you can walk long hours. The next stop is the Moscow Monorail. Oh – you can see the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman sculpture from here. The monorail is an elevated excursion platform transport, but the train is too small and crowded and very poorly designed. Now I’m gonna visit Moscow art centers, this signs say – this way – ArtPlay, that way – VinZavod. So we’re entering the railway arc, but I’m not sure which way to go, I’ll just follow the graffiti signs on the walls. Oh I was right – it is the entrance. There is a couple of cozy restraints and shops and some more graffiti. Nice. Now we are going to the Art Play. I think the entrance is behind an arc too. It’s a tram railway passage. There is a twin sister of a painted car, which stands near the entrance of the VinZavod. This art place is much more bigger, there’s lots of designer shops and restaurants. I like it – it’s awesome, it’s like a tiny city inside a city. I’ve even bought a vegan roll in a strange looking vegan café and it was delicious. There is only one spot left on my map and it’s the Gorky Park. It’s a big park where you can find nearly everything: beautiful walking areas, sports grounds, rest areas, illuminated paths, boat rentals and a food court. For the first time in my life, I see such a well-designed awesome park. But, at this point of my journey I’m very very tired, so I decided to stop shooting and just relax. I watch the sunset and go back home. It was an eventful and fulfilling journey. Goodbye, Moscow! Please subscribe, like and hit the notification bell.


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    Ссылки на локации в google maps:

    1. Красная площадь

    Red Square


    2. ГУМ



    3. Старый Арбат

    Arbat street


    4. Москва-Сити

    Moscow City


    5. Измайловский кремль

    The Izmailovo Kremlin


    6. ВДНХ



    7. Монорельс

    Moscow Monorail


    8. Винзавод



    9. Art play


    10. Парк Горького

    Gorky Park


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    Я была сдесь на всех

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