Метро “Выхино” – Метро “Котельники”
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Метро “Выхино” – Метро “Котельники”

September 6, 2019

(the train leaves for the next station) (arrows and the negative site) (braking) (braking) (braking – arrival at the station) Autoinformer (Russian):
Станция “Лермонтовский проспект”. Autoinformer (English):
“Lermontovsky Prospekt” station. (arrival of the train (left) at the station and
train (right) leaves for next station) Autoinformer (Russian): …справа). (…on the right). Autoinformer (English): The next station is…
(closing doors) Semzay: Hello. With you I’m Semzay. This is rubric “Travel to Moscow”. We continue to drive on the new metro stations. So, station is “Lermontovsky Prospekt”. This is a new site on
Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line, opened in November 2013. So, the exit of “Lermontovsky Prospekt” Lermontovsky prospect to the same name, Khvalynsky boulevard, and in the distance the platform is “Kosino” of Kazansky and Ryazansky directions of
Moscow railway. Here is want to build a transition, but it will be long to the railroad. In principle, this district is not unremarkable. Typical houses. Here, residents of the district
have been waiting for the metro, more than 30 years. And finally, in 2013 metro arrived. So, going further. The next station is “Zhulebino”. (the train leaves for the next station) (braking) (braking – arrival at the station) Autoinformer (Russian): Станция “Жулебино”. Autoinformer (English): “Zhulebino” station. (arrival of the train (left) at the station) Semzay: So, the station is “Zhulebino”. One more station, which provided availability of many residents of
the district is Vikhino-Julebino. In principle, there is also nothing (not remarkable). One residential buildings. Nothing remarkable, too, is not here. So, the final station “Kotelniki” remained. The third in a row station, which is here… …it has exit to the Moscow region. (train leaves for the next station) (passage of arrow) (braking – arrival at the station) Autoinformer (Russian):
Станция “Котельники”, конечная. Autoinformer (English):
“Kotelniki” station, (inaudible) station. Autoinformer (Russian): Поезд дальше не идёт.
(The train doesn’t go further.) Просьба выйти из вагона.
(Please get out of the wagon.) Уважаемые пассажиры!
(Dear passengers!) При выходе из поезда не забывайте свои вещи. Обращаем ваше внимание…
(When you exit from the train don’t forget your things. Draw your attention to…) ♪ (the signal of the arrival of train) ♪ (the train (right) leaves to negotiable dead end) Semzay: Station is “Kotelniki”. Final station is on Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line and third in a row, which has an exit in the Moscow region. So, exit of the station “Kotelniki” is
directly on Novoryazanskoye Highway. So recently built overpass, that improved transport situation aaa on the border of three cities, this are Moscow, Kotelniki
(microdistrict is Opytnoe Pole) and the city is Lyubertsy. It is the same story with the… aaa, similar with the “Yugo-Zapadnaya” and
the site “Troparyovo”, “Rumyantsevo” and “Salarievo”. “Vikhino” opened in 1966 and up to 80s named “Zhdanovskaya” “Vikhino” was one of the most overloaded stations on the Moscow metro and in 2013 November 9th opened site “Lermontovsky Prospekt” – “Zhulebino” and,
after another year and a half, more in September last year, that is to say (ie) in 2015
opened the station “Kotelniki”. If you look at the pointers to the station “Kotelniki”,
it is possible, aaa, leave immediately in 3 city. This are Moscow, Lyubertsy and Kotelniki.
But how to distinguish (roar of the machine) where is Moscow and where is the Moscow region? Everything is very simple. Crossing of Novoryazanki (Novoryazanskoye Highway)
and the Marshala Poluboyarova Street it is the boundary of Moscow and Moscow region. And those who live here, it is very convenient to come to the final station “Kotelniki”, but it’s more…. not another opening. In the future, more will be opening of
the station in the Moscow region, but it’s closer to the city is Lyubertsy. I’m going to travel farther. With you I was Semzay, thanks for watching, bye.

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